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Gamma-tocotrienol better for heart than other vitamin E forms, says study

Gamma-tocotrienol is the most potent form of tocotrienol vitamin E in relation to providing cardiovascular protection, according to the results of a recent study.

Researchers at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine used different isomers of tocotrienols, supplied by vitamin E supplier Carotech, to study their cardio-protective function — especially their ability to improve post-ischemic ventricular function and reduce myocardial infarct size in rats.

The results showed that all forms of tocotrienols used were able to provide significant cardio-protection. However, gamma-tocotrienol was the most cardio-protective of all the isomers. Alpha-tocotrienol was the second most protective, with delta-tocotrienol the least potent.

"This study has proven that gamma-tocotrienol and alpha-tocotrienol have the highest cadioprotective function," said WH Leong, vice president of Carotech. "Similar to what is found in nature, Carotech's Tocomin has the highest levels of gamma and alpha-tocotrienol, making it the preferred choice of mixed tocotrienols for nutritional supplements for heart health."

The study was published in the journal AJP-Heart and Circulatory Physiology. View the abstract here.

Meanwhile, ingredients supplier Fenchem said it was keeping the cost of its Tocovet naturally-sourced vitamin E lower than rivals in North America thanks to its holding of large stocks and expanding production base.

The rising cost of raw materials and energy has led to an increase in the price of many functional ingredients, including vitamin E.

Fenchem admitted its prices had gone up compared with last year, but added that this was by less than those of other suppliers. The current price of Tocovet was lower than the universal market price by 10-15%, the company said.

Fenchem said its large warehouse space enabled it to "store an adequate level of inventory locally?to guarantee competitive prices for our customers. Fenchem's price is not only lower than these giants but is much more competitive when compared with other Chinese suppliers."

In spite of its large stocks, Fenchem said it was also expanding production capacities at its plant in China to satisfy US demand.

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