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Hydrosol debuts stabilizing systems for ketchups, spicy sauces

Hydrosol debuts stabilizing systems for ketchups, spicy sauces
New stabilising systems enable manufacturers to produce inexpensive sauces that are capable of freezing.

In recent years the range of ketchup products and spicy sauces has become much wider and now includes a great many new flavours. Consumer demand for new taste experiences is increasing, and with it the sale of innovative products. Hydrosol’s new stabilising systems enable manufacturers of deli foods to produce both inexpensive ketchup products and attractive spicy sauces which are also capable of freezing and therefore suitable for a diversity of purposes.

Ketchup: low production costs without loss of flavour
Ketchup usually contains a minimum of 30 percent tomato paste. There are legal reasons for this, but it is also a question of quality because tomato paste has a positive effect on the flavour, consistency and mouth feel of the ketchup. Reducing the percentage would impair these properties. On the other hand, tomato paste is an expensive ingredient and therefore pushes up production costs. With the new stabilising systems from the Stabisol series it is possible to make spicy ketchup with only 15 percent tomato paste. The end product has a very satisfactory flavour and colour, a pleasant consistency and also the typical “ketchupy” mouth feel, but its most important advantage is the inexpensive recipe. The new stabilising system is especially suitable for countries whose food laws do not require a minimum percentage of tomato paste in ketchup.

Simple production of spicy sauces capable of freezing
Fruity, spicy, hot, or sweet-and-sour: with their diversity of flavours, spicy sauces are as popular in their way as ketchup. These products usually contain tomato paste too, but only a fairly small amount as a component of the flavour. So the requirements for stabilising spicy sauces are different from the start. Hydrosol’s special combinations of active ingredients can be adjusted to meet individual customers’ requirements in respect of appearance, viscosity and flavour of the finished sauce. These sauces have a wide range of uses, as applications technologist Rolf Bialek explains: “In response to requests from customers we have developed the functional system further, so that it permits the production of freeze-thaw stable spicy sauces too. As a rule, these sauces contain a large proportion of water. This crystallizes quickly, which may result in damage – more precisely syneresis – during transportation, when temperatures fall below the freezing point in winter.” That can be prevented with the aid of stabilising systems from the Stabisol series, but these offer additional value-added potential too. With the combination of active ingredients, suppliers of deli foods can make spicy sauces that are also suitable for convenience products in the frozen foods segment, for example hamburgers, cheeseburgers or Asian snacks. For these, Hydrosol has developed recipes with the flavours “barbecue”, “curry” and “hot sweet-sour". Individual ideas from customers, such as ingredients like fruits, cocoa or nuts, can be realized quickly.

Manufacture of the products – both ketchup and spicy sauces – is very simple. The stabilising systems are just mixed with water, spices and the other ingredients, heated to 90°C and then filled. A further advantage for the customer is the close cooperation between Hydrosol and its sister company OlbrichtArom. This enables the development of all-round recipes which not only stabilise the end product but also take its flavour and colour into account – all from one source.


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