Introducing Bellalean(TM) (fucoxanthin)

AHD International, Atlanta, GA, a distribution leader of new-to-market nutritional ingredients, has applied for a patent on their newest trademark weight loss ingredient, Bellalean™.

This fucoxanthin Product, trademarked Bellalean™, was introduced by AHD International six months ago and is said to be 500 times more potent than wakame, the Japanese alternative. AHD is the first bulk supplier in North America to offer fucoxanthin and the exclusive supplier of the Bellalean™ product. Patent approval is anticipated in December and will be the first in a line of patented, trademarked products for AHD.

Fucoxanthin is an element of brown seaweed called a carotenoid. Carotenoids are pigments located in the chloroplasts of certain water plants. Carotenoids have a vital function in the process of photosynthesis, which is the process in which a plant changes energy from the sum into usable sugar energy, or glucose.

Brown seaweed has been used as a flavoring for soups and salads in many Asian countries for quite a long time. Since people in this part of the world tend to be healthier than Americans in general, research into the health benefits of seaweed has been conducted on a regular basis. This is in part what led to the newer research into fucoxanthin in particular.

AHD International is the distribution leader for the most new-to-market nutritional products. Each product undergoes strict purity testing to ensure the highest quality and adherence to FDA and GMP standards. Whatever your business – dietary supplements, OTC, cosmetics, beverages or pet and livestock ingredients – AHD has the ingredients to meet your needs. Contact AHD via our website at or telephone our sales department at 404-233-4022.

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