Introducing Chondroitin – Enzymatic

Atlanta, GA – Premier international nutraceuticals provider AHD International, LLC announced earlier in July it finalized arrangements to deliver a 90% Enzymatic Chondroitin to its customers.

The company has successfully solidified its relationship with a reliable, quality manufacturer of this newest grade of chondroitin. The extraction and purification of chondroitin sulfate is a process designed to provide a concentrated product with a high purity level.

While there are several existing methods used to verify the purity level of specific chondroitin sulfate products, Enzymatic HPLC is the most recently identified. This method provides excellent performance characteristics, and claims to provide accurate information on the chondroitin sulfate A & C ratios.

Even though the availability of the Enzymatic Chondroitin is new for the company, AHD has been a leading provider of chondroitin products in North America since its inception in 1998. Chondroitin sulfate is a well known and scientifically tested dietary supplement used for healthy join support.

AHD International is a distribution leader for the most innovative new-to-market nutritional products. Each product undergoes strict purity testing to ensure the highest quality and adherence to FDA and GMP standards. Whatever your business – dietary supplements, OTC, cosmetics, beverages, or pet and livestock ingredients – AHD has the ingredients to meet your needs. Contact AHD International via our website at or telephone our sales department at 404-233-4022.

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