Introducing a nutrition bar that delivers Delayed Glycemic Response

Athletes and health conscious consumers have become expert label readers, not so much because we like to, but more so because we have to! Consumers Beware! Cleaver marketing campaigns by “health-minded” food and beverage companies can be no more than the proverbial smoke and mirrors.

Consumers in general are increasing their knowledge about nutrition, but when you mention something like “DGR” – delayed glycemic response, you often get the feeling that you lost them at the word hello.

Here’s the simple fact about “nutrition” bars. Not all nutrition bars are created equal. In fact, some of the bars on the market are no more than an expensive candy bar with protein. When you look at the numerous bars on the market and read the labels, you will soon discover that creative marketing often out-weighs the true nutritional value of the bar.

Today, Dr. Smoothie makes choosing a nutrition bar a lot easier, even for those who may not read every label! Bio Bars by Dr. Smoothie are more than an energy or protein bar. They are whole foods nutrition bars and let there be no question, these bars are packed with good, solid nutrition.

Bio Bars are cold processed, therefore maintaining the enzyme activity and nutrients of the raw components for high bioavailability. The true value of Bio Bars is in the ingredients. This is a vegan, gluten free raw food bar with 100% plant based nutrition from natural sources.

People on a low glycemic diet can benefit from the low glycemic load and high fiber (10+ grams of fiber in each bar) in Bio Bars. Each Bio Bar contains:
• Ten grams of vegetable protein
• Ten grams of fiber
• 18 amino acids and over 70 antioxidants
• Essential fatty acids to contribute to a healthy heart
• Essential vitamins and minerals

Athletes can derive many hours of extended energy benefits without a blood sugar crash, so they can perform at the top of their game. The consumer will derive a significant amount of time released and sustained energy. Bio Bars are available in Chocolate Almond and Peanut Butter Crunch.

About Dr. Smoothie

Dr. Smoothie Enterprises was established in 1997 and is privately owned and operated out of Fullerton, CA. Dr. Smoothie attained notoriety in the fitness industry for their 100% Crushed Fruit Smoothie Concentrates, which are now paving the way for food service operators to offer nutritious smoothies, which contain 100% crushed fruit and juice, and provide over three servings of fruit per 16 oz. beverage.

In addition to the company’s wide range of award-winning smoothie products, Dr. Smoothie also manufactures Nature’s Nutrients, a complete line of whole food nutritional supplements, the Café Essentials line of powdered beverage mixes, an extensive assortment of vitamin/mineral complements, and Bio Bars nutritional food bars.

Visit to view Dr. Smoothie’s library of instructional videos, or call 888-466-9941 for more information. Send inquiries to [email protected].

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