Introducing pure, anthocyanin-packed black currant powder from Cyvex Nutrition

Is positioned for vision health and antioxidant formulas

IRVINE, CA – As concerns worldwide mount over shortage of high quality bilberry powders in the marketplace, Cyvex Nutrition has stepped up its supply of Black Currant Extract powder standardized to 25 percent anthocyanins.

Black Currant has been shown to provide significant support to vision health. One study, for example, demonstrated that the anthocyanins in black currant influenced the regeneration of rhodopsin.1

“There is strengthening scientific interest and commercial excitement surrounding black currant and its health potential,” says Charlene Lee, executive vice president and general manager of Cyvex Nutrition. “Our Black Currant Extract is the most potent berry extract available on the market providing enhanced levels of anthocyanins.”

Lee adds that Black Currant Extract is not only a superior source of berry antioxidants and anthocyanins, it is a more economically friendly choice as well. “In the marketplace, black currant is less expensive, making it a terrific choice for vision support and antioxidant formulas.”

Black Currant Extract from Cyvex Nutrition is one of the newer additions to Cyvex’ growing portfolio of specific antioxidants for health promotion products. For more than 23 years, Cyvex Nutrition has continued its leadership role in pioneering antioxidant raw materials.

For more information, please log onto, or call (949) 622-9030.

1. Matsumoto H, et al (2003) “Stimulatory effect of cyanidin 3-glycosides on the regeneration of rhodopsin.” J Agric Food Chem. 51, 3560-3.

Charlene Lee, USA
(949) 622-9030

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