Korean Food and Drug approves first cranberry product for UTIs

The Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) gave their approval for a product specific Health Functional Food, specifically PAC-standardized whole cranberry powder (PACran), made and distributed by Lallemand Health Ingredients and Decas Botanical Synergies (DBS). The functional claim is: "By reducing bacterial adhesion on the urinary tract wall, it may help with urinary health."

PACran is the first cranberry product in the world to bear a brand specific health claim, according to Lallemand Health Ingredients and Decas Botanical Synergies. Another cranberry manufacturer was being considered by KFDA, but was denied the claim. Company officials are hopeful that this will assist in gaining an EU health claim for PACran.

For more on Lallemand HI, click here. For more on DBS, click here.

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