Lipid Nutrition announces important business change

Wormerveer, 2 October 2006 – As of today Lipid Nutrition will be a private limited liability company (B.V.) in its own right, part of Loders Croklaan Group (subsidiary of IOI Corporation Berhad, Malaysia). The new business structure allows Lipid Nutrition to operate as an independent entity.

The Business Unit Lipid Nutrition was established in 1999 because it was believed that more could be achieved by focusing specifically – within the overall Loders Croklaan fats and oils business – on the nutritional aspects of lipids. This proved to be correct. At that time, Betapol™ was our only product. Since then, Lipid Nutrition launched its weight-management and figure-shaping ingredient Clarinol™ CLA with a great deal of success, Marinol™ for heart health and brain development, Safflorin™ for immune health, and the newest innovation, the appetite-suppressant PinnoThin™. In March of this year Lipid Nutrition began strengthening its strategic position with the acquisition of the PharmaNutrients’ CLA One® business.

Aat Visser, President Lipid Nutrition: “Although the day-to-day business won’t change, this new business structure brings great opportunities for Lipid Nutrition. Focusing on our expertise even more exclusively on researching and developing the nutritional aspects of lipid ingredients, we will be able to build on Loders Croklaan’s century of experience in fats and oils even further. We now have increased freedom to grow in our unique area of specialty, and can launch our products to market in a stronger, more convincing way.”

“Despite these corporate change, our key goals remain the same: to continue providing innovative ingredients that enhance consumers’ health and wellness, and to help our customers make the most of their market possibilities.”

About Lipid Nutrition
Lipid Nutrition holds globally a strong position in weight management ingredients with ClarinolTM CLA and PinnoThin™. Studies have demonstrated that Clarinol™ CLA positively affects body mass and has a beneficial effect on lean muscle mass. PinnoThin™ is a natural appetite suppressant and stimulates the hunger-suppressing hormone CCK and GLP1. Next to weight management Lipid Nutrition offers a variety of branded products like Safflorin™; isomerized safflower oil for immune health, Marinol™; concentrated fish oils for heart health and brain development and Betapol™; human milk fat substitute for infant nutrition.


For more information on Lipid Nutrition please go to our website:

John Kurstjens
Lipid Nutrition
+31 (0)75 629 24 61
[email protected]

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