Lorand Labs introduces BiAloe - Booth #258

Lorand Laboratories, LLC has developed the first ever Aloe vera powder with an Acemannan content greater than 15%. This new product called BiAloe®, short for Bio-Active Aloe, is manufactured using unique aloe vera processing technology that allows for a bio-active profile nearly identical to that of natural Aloe vera inner leaf gel, according to Lorand Laboratories.

“The quality of Aloe is contingent upon a series of factors”, said Dr. Santiago Rodriguez, Lorand's founder and CEO, including extremely fertile soil, ideal climate, hand farming, and proprietary processing using GMPs. “And through these factors, we guarantee BiAloe® has the highest concentration of Acemannan, the key health ingredient in Aloe vera,” he says. The company claims they have maintained the proper molecular size and the natural solubility of the Aloe inner leaf gel, keeping BiAloe® as close to what nature intended as possible while optimizing the health benefits.” BiAloe®, Aloe vera inner leaf gel freeze dried powder, is a free flowing powder that is water soluble, and tastes great making it perfect for many product applications including: capsules, tablets, powders, bars, foods, cosmetics, and skin care, to name but a few.

Visit the Lorand booth, #258 at SupplyExpo.

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