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Lutein in skin health: Suppliers sound off

OmniActive Health Technologies, Cognis Nutrition & Health, Kemin Health, LycoRed and DSM Nutritional Products share thoughts on whether lutein is becoming a trend in skin health.

Q. Lutein is mostly thought of as an eye-health ingredient. Is lutein in skin health becoming a trend?

"Lutein and skin health is being explored. Epidemiologically and biologically, lutein and its use in other applications makes sense. The truth is, lutein and skin health hasn't taken off yet, which actually provides a very good opportunity. The potential clearly exists for more work to be done both from a science and education perspective."
–Hiren Doshi, vice president
OmniActive Health Technologies

"Adding Xangold natural lutein esters and other functional ingredients to nutricosmetics is a hot trend! In fact, it proves that beauty is more than skin deep. Food, beverage and nutraceutical companies are promoting the 'beauty from within' benefits of lutein esters in ways that resonate with consumers, especially aging boomers. Our Xangold ingredient works naturally to produce healthy, hydrated and radiant skin. Clinical studies have shown increased hydration and increased elasticity when lutein esters are consumed on a regular basis. The potential applications of lutein esters in functional foods are virtually unlimited and include beverages, nutrition bars, gummies and yogurt."
–Laura Troha, marketing manager
Cognis Nutrition & Health

"We all want hydrated, younger looking skin. Every year, women spend billions of dollars on beauty products hoping to reduce the visible signs of aging caused primarily by sun and environmental exposure. While lutein is widely recognized as an essential eye nutrient for its ability to filter damaging blue light and quench free radicals, research shows it can also enhance the look of the skin. Clinical research shows that 10mg of lutein (study utilized FloraGLO brand lutein) per day can significantly increase skin hydration as well as skin elasticity."
–Linda Fullmer, senior vice president
Kemin Health

"We have multiple companies using our lycopene in products, but not too much of our lutein for skin health. Having said that, carotenoid ingredients are a growing addition to the market segment globally as 'Beauty Within' catches on with companies in all market segments."
–Scott Larkin, VP marketing & sales

"The role of lutein in skin health has come to the forefront with recent published human data demonstrating skin health benefits – making this an emerging and exciting ingredient for the 'beauty from within' platform. Nestlé’s Glowelle, Kraft's Crystal Light Skin Essentials and Glaceau's 'Focus' Vitamin Water are just some of the recently launched products containing lutein."
–Aparna Parikh, MBA, RD, senior marketing manager
DSM Nutritional Products

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