Multi-Faceted Vidazorb™ Websites Launched to Provide Comprehensive Online Resources For Probiotics And Health

Little Calumet Holdings, LLC, an innovator in probiotic formulations, has launched a multi-platform family of websites on probiotics and Vidazorb™, its unique line of chewable, shelf-stable, patent-pending probiotic supplements. With acting as the gateway, this vibrant, comprehensive yet accessible group of Web sites informs consumers, medical professionals and retailers about the power of probiotics, as well as the specific attributes of Vidazorb™ formulations. With an emphasis on education, the expansive sites are easily navigated to take visitors directly to the most relevant information on unique attributes of the brand, as well as specifics on how probiotics have become one of the hottest trends in natural wellness.

According to a recent national survey conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation, 85% of Americans know little to nothing about probiotics and are unaware of the positive effects probiotics can have on the body. The mission of the Vidazorb™ website is to educate visitors,
through easily digested information online, about the specifics of probiotic use. This is accomplished through a multi-platform approach, with targeted sub-sites that address particular areas of interest:

- product details, probiotic information, points of difference, frequently asked questions, testing specifics, and e-commerce for the Vidazorb™ line of patentpending, chewable probiotic formulations.
- Games, educational materials, downloadable icons, and other fun ways to learn about children’s health and probiotics, featuring Zorbee™, the ‘good bug’ Vidazorb™ mascot.
- scientific information and clinical studies to help medical professionals understand the unique health implications of probiotic therapy.
- the social responsibility arm of the business, with information on charitable activities and involvement in global health initiatives.

The Vidazorb™ Web sites also provide access to the latest research resulting from exploration of probiotic benefits. In addition, the sites host interviews with medical experts, who deliver insightful commentary on why probiotics are important to health.

“Probiotics can be challenging to easily understand. By utilizing these cutting-edge Web sites, the information provided facilitates a greater understanding of the power of friendly bacteria,” said E. Frank Hodal, Jr., founder and CEO, Little Calumet Holdings, LLC. “The points of difference with Vidazorb™ and its key benefits to the user are also highlighted to encourage great confidence with the brand.”

Probiotics are essential microorganisms that, when ingested in adequate amounts, have repeatedly been found to support good health in children and adults. With a strong commitment to quality and scientific validity, Vidazorb™ products benefit from seven years of meticulous product development. Chr. Hansen’s clinically substantiated probiotic strains are used exclusively in Vidazorb formulations. Vidazorb™ Belly Boost is developed with children in mind. Additional proprietary formulations, include Vidazorb™ Daily, Vidazorb™ Plus, Vidazorb™ +OPC, and
Vidazorb™ SuperC, and are useful for adults and the elderly in maintaining optimal levels of essential microflora. All Vidazorb™ products are stability tested at independent labs.

About Vidazorb™
Vidazorb™ represents the development of superior shelf-stable, chewable probiotic formulations to provide essential support for core health needs. Research and development, together with a commitment to quality and efficacy, defines Vidazorb™ as a brand of integrity and excellence.

For more information, visit For engaging, kid-friendly probiotic information, visit To learn more about the importance of, and science supporting, probiotics, visit

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