New ingredients - June 2010

Cactus Botanics adds to line of extracts
Cactus Botanics, a raw-materials supplier, has added several new ingredients to its portfolio: policosanol, and extracts of bamboo, bayberry bark (with active ingredient myricetin), brown seaweed (with active ingredient fucoidan), pomegranate hull and marigold (with active ingredient zeaxanthin). The ingredients are produced in China and are sold out of Cactus Botanics' Los Angeles and New York warehouses.

Soy and shea lip-care ingredient
Lipex L'sens, a proprietary shea and soy-based ingredient from AAK, promises long-lasting hydration, shine and healing properties for use in high-performance lip care products. Lipex L'sens is hypo-allergenic, odourless, colourless and tasteless. It enhances performance by promoting uniform dispersion of pigment and SPF additives. The L'sens ingredient combines shea unsaponifiables and soybean glycerides; it has a high content of triterpene esters and vitamin E. AAK is a $2 billion publicly traded company headquartered in Malmo, Sweden, that markets vegetable-based ingredients globally.

BrainBoost with PS-DHA
Jarrow Formulas' new BrainBoost supplement contains Sharp-PS GOLD by Enzymotec, an activated form of Phosphatidylserine (PS), which has a conjugated complex of DHA bound to the backbone of the PS. This complex, found naturally in the brain and in breast milk, is more bioactive because of the synergy between the PS and DHA. PS-DHA cannot be obtained from any vegan source and is the most clinically validated form of PS. PS is important for cell membrane fluidity and improves brain uptake of DHA, research shows. Enzymotec is a developer of lipid-based products including its Sharp-PS line; InFat structured fat for infant formulas, and Krill Oil+, Crill, and Sharp-GPC.

Natural beta glucan
Fluxome A/S has entered a strategic exclusivity agreement with research-based biotechnology company GlycaNova Norway AS to market and sell a beta glucan product in the US dietary-supplement markets. The final product, Fluxome Beta Glucan, developed by GlycaNova, is a natural beta glucan product manufactured by fermentation. The product has been subject to a number of clinical trials, which confirm Fluxome Beta Glucan's immune-enhancing effects in humans. The unique production process enables Fluxome to supply a standardised product with a guaranteed content of completely intact beta glucan. GlycaNova is based in Norway and Fluxome is a Danish biotech firm.

Companies partner behind Solo Sucralose
BioPlus Life Sciences, the manufacturer of Solo Sucralose based in Bangalore, India, has formed an exclusive alliance with Associated Brands, one of the largest marketers and suppliers of private-label food products in the US and Canada. The two firms will bring the North American market a new source of affordable sucralose; the alliance will position Associated Brands as the sole representative of the private label offering of Solo Sucralose in a granular form for the North American grocery marketplace.

Category-specific Xanthan gum range
Danisco's highly efficient GRINDSTED Xanthan gum product range is designed to target specific food applications. It is divided into five food categories by application: SAV for savoury applications such as mayonnaises and dressings; BEV for beverages; BAK for baking; DAI for dairy desserts and drinks; and MAS for miscellaneous applications such as meat and cheese. In each category, various hydration and dispersion grades are available. Xanthan gum, which is produced through fermentation of Xanthomonas Campestris, is one of the most versatile hydrocolloids used in the food industry.

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