New ingredients - March 2009

InolensInolens for fish products
Vitiva of Slovenia has launched an all-natural formulation of its Inolens line for fresh fish and fish products for full protection against rancidity. Derived from highly concentrated rosemary extract, this new grade of Inolens 4 has no influence on taste, odour or colour of highly sensitive fish applications, eg, fresh salmon fillet. This new oil-soluble and water-dispersible Inolens 4 preservative can be utilised by injection, dry tumbling and mixing with marinades and spice mixes. The formula is highly pure and includes an extremely low amount of essential oils.

ChirositolCarob-juice extract ingredient
Cyvex Nutrition has launched Chirositol, a D-Chiro-Inositol for use in dietary supplements to help maintain healthy blood-glucose levels. Chirositol is extracted without the use of solvents from carob juice (Ceratonia siliqua).? It contains greater than 95 per cent D-chiro-inositol (DCI), a member of a family of naturally occurring inositols, similar in structure to glucose. DCI is an important secondary messenger in insulin signal transduction. It mimics insulin activity, thereby enabling it to control blood glucose.

FutureCeuticals' new organicsExpanded organics line
FutureCeuticals has expanded its line of organics, now offering more organic versions of its fruit, vegetable and grain powders. Recent additions include items in the Trim line of dispersible grain products and the Vita line of standardised fruit powders. The company plans continued expansion of its organic line in the future by offering a wider range of fruits and vegetables with standardised phytochemical actives.

Val de Vire BioactivesApple extract for weight control
Val de Vire Bioactives has developed a 100 per cent apple extract for weight management named Pomactiv Shape. The patented formula contains three apple actives able to delay or inhibit intestinal glucose absorption and to regulate carbohydrate metabolism. They are hydroxycinnamic acids, which have high antioxidant activity and modulate glucose uptake by normalizing the glucose storage in the liver; flavonols, which can interact with intestinal sugar receptors; and dihydrochalcones (phloridzin), which are well-known competitive inhibitors of glucose intestinal absorption, and cellular glucose transport. Pomactiv Shape can be used for dietary-supplement or weight-management food products.

Fucoidan seaweed extract
Fucoidan, a brown-seaweed extract, is a sulfated polysaccharide that has been studied extensively for its antioxidant and immune-modulating health benefits. Additionally, brown seaweed has long been renowned for its cardiovascular health benefits and longevity properties. Offered by AHD International, the ingredient is hand-harvested and dried naturally at an organically certified manufacturing facility.

Source OneCo-Q10 launch in medical channel
SourceOne Global Partners has announced the strategic launch of the VESIsorb natural self-assembling association colloid delivery system for coenzyme Q10 in the medical professional channel of distribution. Douglas Laboratories of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a member of the Atrium Innovations Group, has partnered with SourceOne and is first to market. Douglas Laboratories has introduced the VESIsorb delivery system in a co-Q10 formula, Citrus Solu-Q. It is delivered in a proprietary two-piece, liquid-filled, hard-shell capsule, Caplique, an exclusive from AquaCap, a member of Atrium Innovations' family of companies.

Soy protein isolate
Burcon NutraScience has developed a soy-protein isolate, to compete with higher-priced dairy proteins. The Canadian firm has filed a patent application for Clarisoy. It is 100 per cent soluble and transparent in acidic solutions, enabling applications down to a pH of 2.5. The isolate is also heat stable, enabling hot-fill applications.

Chia flour
In January, AHD International unveiled its new Chia Flour, which can be used in place of white flour in any baked goods. A rich source of nutrients, Chia Flour's high omega-3 and fibre content can help maintain healthy blood-glucose markers and promote healthy cholesterol levels. This newest offering joins AHD's recently introduced Chia products including Chia seeds, meal, oil and powder. Chia seeds are a gluten-free, vegetarian whole food naturally rich in antioxidants, calcium, protein and amino acids. Unlike grains such as flaxseed, they are highly stable due to their antioxidant content.

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