New Ingredients March 2013

Latest ingredients from top supplier

Non-dairy dairy enhancer

Comax Flavors has applied its advanced flavor development technologies to create a Dairy Taste Enhancer Flavor. It provides a sweet dairy and milky taste in products that contain no actual dairy -- the perfect solution for those who are unable or choose not to consume milk in their diets. The Enhancer is ideal for use in milk substitutes like soy milk, almond milk, non-dairy creamers, non-dairy cheeses, etc. It can also be utilized in alcoholic beverages, smoothies, sauces and more. It is available as a natural liquid flavor and as an artificial flavor. In addition, it is Kosher and vegetarian and does not contain any allergens.

Garlic extract debuts

Cactus Botanics, an international expert in botanical extracts, has added allicin to its ingredient lineup. Allicin is a potent active compound found in garlic proven beneficial for immune support. When the garlic plant is attacked or injured, it produces allicin through an enzymatic reaction. The enzyme allinase converts the chemical alliin to allicin, which is toxic to insects and microorganisms. The antimicrobial activity of allicin was discovered in 1944. The company manufactures deodorized garlic powder through a unique drying and buffering process. Safe, odor-controlled and bioavailable, the  garlic powder can meet a variety of formulation requirements.

Starch with high heat endurance

The Ingredion group has launched an addition to its NOVATION line of clean label starches – the NOVATION Endura series – in North America, Europe, and Asia. With the highest process tolerance ever available in a functional native starch, this new series enables food manufacturers to create a wider range of appealing, natural and additive-free products, including dressings, yogurts, UHT-processed soups and frozen meals. Debuting today with NOVATION Endura 0100 starch, the series maintains desired product texture under high heat and shear and delivers excellent stability during shelf-life, including chilled and frozen storage. The clean flavor profile requires no masking, even in delicately flavored products.

New prebiotic for healthy GI tract

Deerland Enzymes' new product,  PrefixPro, is a novel prebiotic formulated to promote a healthy digestive tract by stimulating the growth of beneficial organisms. Unlike typical prebiotics, PrefixPro is not fiber- or starch-based, and requires a significantly smaller dosage and shorter time period to be effective. This unique prebiotic works in both the small and large intestine and is not sensitive to specific environmental conditions of the gut. An added benefit, the fermentation of this prebiotic does not cause flatulence, as other prebiotics have been known to do.

Ingredient to fight iron deficiency

TheSpanish biotech company AB-Biotics has launched a new food ingredient called AB-Fortis, which prevents iron deficiency. AB-Fortis provides all the recommended daily amount of iron in a single dose, avoiding the metallic taste and the classic side effects of iron fortification of foods. The productis a patented micro-encapsulation system consisting of a calcium alginate matrix that holds and protects a salt of iron (III) inside. This capsule is stable under high temperatures and pressures, so it can be easily incorporated into food processing.

Heart-health formulas get upgrade

SourceOne Global Partners LLC of Chicago has unveiled two new patented Cholesstrinol formulations:  Cholesstrinol HP and Cholesstrinol HPe. The company has more than doubled the potency of PMF-Source citrus polymethoxylated flavones (PMFs) and TocoSource palm tocotrienols while delivering a broader flavonoid profile in both formulas. "Our next-generation Cholesstrinol provides consumers what they seek —smaller, easier-to-swallow dosages, a broader range of heart-healthy formulations and superior bio-availability through the VESIsorb system," the company explains.



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