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New ingredients - November 2009

New texture-systems range
National Starch Food Innovation has unveiled an optimized texture-systems range for the North American market. The products enable manufacturers of soups, sauces, dressings and dairy products to transform the texture profiles of many foods or build back texture and the eating experience when there is a need to reformulate. The new PRECISA Cling and PRECISA Cream texture systems can assist processed-food producers in creating consumer-appealing textures and also in reducing the use of costly ingredients while maintaining excellent eating qualities. The PRECISA Cling family has been targeted for soups, sauces and dressings, while the PRECISA Cream products were designed for dairy-based foods.

Standardised fruit blend
Ethical Naturals has introduced a new ingredient to its line of ProfileProven natural antioxidants. Called Standardized Fruit Blend, it can be used to add definable antioxidant and nutritional activity to supplements, beverages and foods. The blend is made from concentrated extracts of apple, bilberry, blueberry, chokeberry, cranberry, goji berry, grape, mangosteen and pomegranate. Unlike typical ratio-based blends, this ingredient guarantees an ORAC value of 7,500 units per gram and contains 40 per cent polyphenols.

AHD International offers stevia extract
In order to meet growing demand for natural sweetener extracts, AHD International now offers a high-quality, Japanese-sourced stevia extract for use in beverages, yoghurts and other food snacks. The Atlanta-based natural-ingredients distributor has partnered with Maruzen Pharmaceutical, a raw-materials supplier headquartered in Tokyo, to bring this stevia extract to the US market. AHD's Japanese stevia extract is more than 250 times sweeter than sugar, and is standardized to 95 per cent Rebaudioside A. The all-natural, low-calorie sugar substitute boasts high solubility and stability, and is completely transparent.

Full-spectrum hibiscus extract
BioActives' new Cardio HB is a standardised full-spectrum extract of Hibiscus sabdariffa, harvested from a single proprietary source and grown using no pesticides or fertilizers. The full-spectrum water-soluble extract contains anthocyanins, phenolic acids and other bio-active flavonoids. Hibiscus sabdariffa teas and purified extracts are reported to significantly lower LDL cholesterol and blood pressure in human clinical trials and animal models.

Gluten-free solutions
National Starch Food Innovation has created a new gluten-free solution for the North American baked-goods market. The new products will help bakers make gluten-free cookies, muffins and cakes with the taste, texture and visual appeal of gluten-containing products. The company has combined its experience in producing gluten-free ingredients — corn, tapioca, rice — and its functional-flour expertise to create a family of ingredients that give the baking industry greater latitude in manufacturing gluten-free baked goods, the company says. Sensory panel data show that the recipes come very close to the gluten-containing products on important attributes — smooth, moist, chewy — while even the best commercial gluten-free products fell far short.

Lipogen improves its PS
Lipogen, of Israel, has improved its formula of Lipogen PS, a phosphatidylserine specifically designed for functional dairy milk and yoghurt drinks. The new formula is also being offered to producers of functional milk powders. The inclusion of PS does not affect end-product taste, texture or mouthfeel. The new formulation is based on Lipogen PS, which has had FDA GRAS approval since 2006. PS is naturally found in human breast milk and is an essential natural building-block material of the brain. However, milk products lack this ingredient. Lipogen PS enables a production of functional PS for milk and yoghurt drinks processed on standard dairy equipment lines. All Lipogen products are vegetarian, solvent free and kosher certified.

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