New ingredients - October 2009

EcoFlora's EdiBlue
Colombian natural-products company Eco Flora introduced EdiBlue, a natural blue food colouring that is, the company says, functionally superior to other natural blue colours on the market. The product is derived from Jagua fruit, which is found in the Colombian rain forest. Functionally, it is stable to acid, heat and light, and has a shelf life of 24 months. Currently, there is no commercially available acid-stable blue colour. Eco Flora is hoping for FDA approval and a completed patent within a year, with the aim of having this product be available for both food and cosmetic applications.


Protein in water
Burcon NutraSciences' Clarisoy soy-protein isolate enables the protein fortification of many beverages including nutritional, sports and energy drinks, juices and waters. Clarisoy allows the formulation of acidic drinks as low as pH 2.5, containing up to two per cent Clarisoy soy protein, to remain completely transparent. It is 100 per cent water soluble and heat stable. This enables it to be used in a variety of beverages where traditional soy isolates are inappropriate.


Cosmetics from Frutarom
Frutarom recently announced the launch of its natural-cosmetics and personal-care ingredients line, labelled "Nature's Essence for Skin Care," emphasizing the company's focus on natural extracts and active botanical ingredients. The diverse new ingredients include skin-protecting polysaccharides derived from the ocean, Chinese traditional medicine, pure botanical powders, and standardized natural actives. Frutarom develops, manufactures and markets an extensive variety of flavours and ingredients for the food, beverage, flavour, fragrance, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.


Green light for Baobab in US
The baobab, also known as the upside-down tree, is a feature of the landscape in southern Africa. Its fruit has been shown to have an exceptionally high vitamin-C content, more than six times that of oranges. A mere 10g can supply a quarter of the recommended daily vitamin-C intake. Baobab is also high in antioxidants, natural fibre, and is an excellent source of calcium and iron. The ingredient is being handled by PhytoTrade Africa, a trade association that promotes fair and ethical trade. The organization has received Novel Foods approval for baobab, and has received GRAS approval in the US.


Whole cranberry added to range
Ocean Spray Ingredient Technology Group has unveiled a new addition to its sweetened dried cranberry (SDC) range. The Whole SDC has been developed in response to demand from snack and confectionery manufacturers for a larger fruit-piece size. With the cranberry's characteristic red colour, sweet tart taste and process tolerance, the larger Whole SDC is ideal for use in the growing category of trail mixes, confectionery and healthy treats.

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