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New Low-Fat Chocolate
UK-based The Chocolate Powder Co. (TCPC) has launched a reduced-fat chocolate powder range, which the company says is ideal for use in foods and beverages that have traditionally been difficult to produce using chocolate. These include nonfatty foods, dairy products and dry-mix beverages?products in which manufacturers have tended to use cocoa and sweetened cocoa.

The range, Conched Chocolate Powder, will be marketed under the Natra brand following an agreement between TCPC and the Spanish company Natra Cacao.

Varieties include plain, extra bitter, milk and white chocolate; and instant, freeze-dried and organic. The company says the range has the flavour and mouthfeel of full-fat chocolate.

TCPC's proprietary production process does not involve chemical additives or solvents, making Conched Chocolate Powder all natural.

More info:
The Chocolate Powder Co.
+44 1564 775 747

Sweet Deal For Nutrinova In Japan
Germany-based Nutrinova's high-intensity sweetener, Sunett, has gained registration for use in over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals in Japan. The registration, issued by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, authorises the use of Sunett (acesulfame K) for ethical, OTC and quasi drugs.

The company says the Japanese registration is significant because of the importance multinational pharmaceutical manufacturers place on having internationally accepted ingredients. Sunett has properties that make it useful for masking unpleasant flavour and bitter notes in tablet, powder, capsule and liquid applications.

Sunett's attributes also include its long-term stability and solubility, as well as the fact that it does not require additional mixing.

More info:
+49 69 305 4992

Cargill Expands Soy Isoflavone Line
Minnesota-based Cargill Health and Food Technologies has added AdvantaSoy Clear to its family of soy isoflavone products.

This new addition offers improved solubility, a white appearance and fewer undesirable flavours and odours?plus reduced bottom-line costs. Cargill hopes the product, which will be available in concentrations of up to 50 per cent, will expand isoflavone applications in foods, beverages and nutraceuticals.

Cargill Health and Food Technologies, a business unit of Cargill, also offers technical assistance to manufacturers seeking to formulate AdvantaSoy into their products.

More info:
Cargill +1 952 742 5246

EU Backs Oatly
Oatly, the Swedish manufacturer of an oat-infused milk, has gained a $1.63-million European Union grant to develop other cholesterol-lowering foods.

The company has launched a ready-to-pour pancake batter and three flavours of ice cream, and products such as yoghurts, drinks and sauces are likely to follow.

The oats novel foods project is being conducted at Sweden's Lund University and is part of a wider initiative that includes Finland, France, Greece, the Netherlands and Germany.

More info:
+46 845 601 2297
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