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Genesis Unveils High-Yield Oil-To-Powder Production Process
Dietary supplement, nutrient and technologies manufacturer Genesis has developed an all-natural, sustained-release, patent-pending process to convert oils to powders.

Genesis says the benefits of the process include yields of 95-99 per cent from source ingredients, protection of volatile or unstable compounds, taste and odour masking, and the prolonged release of active ingredients. They claim it also stabilises and protects the oil's active ingredients from the severe pH environment of the stomach.

The process is already being used to produce Genesis' line of edible powders that include fish and oregano oils as well as conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and astaxanthin.

"This technology enables us to produce a high-yield, sustained-release powder that is suitable for use in drink mixes, nutrition bars, smoothies and other beverages, or other food additives, as well as in more traditional applications in hard-shell encapsulation," says the Illinois-based company's general manager, William Smart. "Our proprietary process accomplishes these benefits at a fraction of the cost of existing methods."

More info:
Genesis + 1 847 810 3440

Triarco Releases Natural Stimulant In US
New Jersey-based Triarco has launched a new extract aimed at the $33 billion diet and energy sector in the US.

Called Metabromine, the extract is derived from the fruit of the Theobroma cacao tree and is said to have stimulating effects. It has been used in Latin America for centuries.

The extracted substance, theobromine, will comprise six per cent of Metabromine, with caffeine making up another 1.5 per cent. Theobromine is the main constituent of chocolate.

Triarco says the standardised extract will provide "both a mild stimulating and thermogenic effect without over-stimulating the nervous system." It is expected to appeal to a vast consumer base in the diet, energy and sports categories.

It can be taken as a single-ingredient supplement or incorporated into blends and dosage forms including bars, protein powders, juices and other functional foods.

More info:
Trairco + 1 800 879-3745

Cyvex Capitalises On Soy Growth
Cyvex Nutrition, based in Irvine, California, has launched a complete line of biologically active soy isoflavone concentrates called NuSoy.

With solid science and consistent health claims available on the benefits of soy in the US market, Cyvex aims to help manufacturers capitalise on the booming soy market. All ingredients in the NuSoy range, including soy germ concentrate, water-soluble soy powder concentrate and soy sprout powder concentrate, contain two per cent to three per cent isoflavones.

As estrogen receptors, soy isoflavones exhibit many beneficial therapeutic effects, including decreased cholesterol levels, reduced blood pressure, improved bone density and decreased frequency of hot flashes in post-menopausal women, according to the company.

"Soy isoflavones represent a major benefit to health professionals and consumers and make significant contributions to functional products and women's health formulations," says Cyvex President Gilbert Gluck.

NuSoy can be used in dietary supplements, beverages, nutritional bars, baked goods and functional foods. The company asserts that NuSoy is a full-spectrum soy concentrate that provides 20 to 25 times the level of isoflavones found in soy flour, concentrate or isolate, and no solvents or chemicals are used in the manufacturing process.

More info:
Cyvex + 1 949 622 9030
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