OmniActive Health Technologies Granted International Patents For Free Lutein Manufacturing Process

OmniActive Health Technologies, Ltd., a global innovator in stabilized and functionally active forms of nutritional ingredients, announced today it has secured patents in Australia (#2002347590), Canada (#2,496,495) and Japan (#2004-530493) for the company's technology for lutein in the free form. These patents describe the preparation of xanthophyll crystals containing high content of trans-lutein and specific levels of zeaxanthin to provide standardized levels of free lutein with zeaxanthin, and reducing to trace amounts of cis-lutein and other carotenoids.
Previously, OmniActive was granted U.S. patent #6,743,953 and Indian patents (209783 and 198726) based on the same technology.

Lutein and zeaxanthin isomers belong to a group of carotenoids known as "xanthophylls" and possess powerful natural antioxidant properties associated with several health benefits. A large number of these studies associate higher dietary intake of lutein and zeaxanthin with improved visual function and a lower risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Lutein and two isomeric forms of zeaxanthin are the predominant pigments playing a protective role in the macula lutea region of the retina as agents for the absorption of harmful ultra- violet light from sunrays and quenchers of photo-induced free radical and reactive oxygen species. The xanthophyll crystals prepared via OmniActive's patented process provide a safe source of these pigments for nutritional supplementation.

"OmniActive has taken the lead in creating superior formulations of free lutein based on its innovative technologies using novel and vegetarian delivery forms to provide improved functionality, enhanced stability and improved bioavailability," said Abhijit Bhattacharya, Chief Operating Officer for OmniActive Health Technologies, Ltd., "Our patents demonstrate OmniActive's commitment to developing innovative and novel technologies to create active nutritional ingredients, which play a role in creating superior end- products for supplement consumers worldwide."

About OmniActive Health Technologies, Ltd.
OmniActive Health Technologies ( manufactures a range of proprietary active ingredients and advanced delivery platforms for ingredients used in health and nutritional foods, and personal care applications. OmniActive is the world's first complete source to manufacture the entire range of macular xanthophylls for food fortification and dietary supplementation including Lutemax(R) Free Lutein, Lutemax(R) Lutein Esters and the patent pending range of specialized Zeaxanthin products. A proprietary blend containing OmniActive's newest ingredient, Capsimax(TM) Capsicum Extract, has been clinically proven to increase the amount of calories burned before, during and after exercise by 12 times over placebo. The company's manufacturing facilities for nutritional ingredients used in functional health foods and dietary supplements are certified for the quality and food safety management systems under ISO-22000(2005) and cGMP standards. OmniActive conducts operations from its manufacturing, R&D and corporate facilities at Pune, Mumbai, Thane and Cochin, India, has a wholly owned U.S. subsidiary, OmniActive Health Technologies, Inc., based in Short Hills, N.J., and an extensive distribution network worldwide.

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