Organic Herbal Products Leaders Gaia Herbs and Aboca Form Alliance

BOULDER, CO (February 28, 2007) --- Aboca S.p.A. is proud to announce that Gaia Herbs is now the exclusive distributor and marketing partner of Aboca’s products in the US. Aboca’s 30 years of European pharmacy experience, combined with Gaia Herbs’ 20 years of leadership in the domestic herbal supplement market, creates a solid foundation for growth. Aboca’s US customers will be directly supported by Gaia Herbs’ 45 sales representatives and seasoned customer service group. This alliance brings together two industry leaders with the same shared vision of providing organic ingredients, proprietary extracts, patented technologies and trusted scientific research to create natural, safe and effective dietary supplements.

This partnership represents the largest collective offering of organic herbal supplement production in the world, with Aboca’s 1,800 acres of organic farmland in Tuscany Italy, and Gaia’s 250 acres of organic farmland in the Blue Ridge mountains of western North Carolina. Through the expansive cultivations and product technologies, Aboca and Gaia Herbs together will provide natural products retailers and consumers with the confidence of both the quality and the source of their organic herbal supplements, from seed to the final product purchased.

Furthermore, this distribution partnership offers a unique combination of European and American traditions and modern science applied to herbal supplements. Aboca is a leader in Europe and works with more than 20,000 pharmacists and 5,000 herbalists. Likewise, Gaia Herbs serves more than 2,000 Natural Products Retailers and 1,500 Healthcare Professionals in the US.

As leaders within their respective markets, Aboca and Gaia Herbs offer more than 50 years of herbal products cultivation and manufacturing experience. Both companies have state-of-the-art production facilities and analytical labs, and both exercise a strong focus on herbal education. Aboca possesses some unique educational assets, including more than 500 years of herbal medicine knowledge archived at their award-winning herbal supplement museum in Tuscany.
Aboca’s initial US product line will consist of their top-selling formulas and single herbs that support common health conditions. The attractive Aboca packaging will include a “Distributed by Gaia Herbs” message on the box. Product orders will be conveniently managed through Gaia Herbs current sales order process. A complete marketing plan, that includes new product information, educational materials and merchandising support, will be introduced at Gaia Herbs booth #2312 at Natural Products Expo West 2007.

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For more information:
Olivia Simpson
[email protected]

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