PeptoPro Helps VPX Flex Its Muscles

PeptoPro®, the award winning casein hydrolysate from DSM, has been selected by sports nutrition giant VPX to feature in two exclusive muscle building supplements. NO-Shotgun® v.3 and NO-SyntheSize® v.3 will revolutionize the resistance training segment of the sports nutrition market.

NO-Shotgun v.3 is a potent muscle energy catalyst which can be mixed with water or any soft beverage and is designed for consumption prior to or during exercise and post exercise. Reformulated with the addition of PeptoPro, it rapidly delivers peptides to the bloodstream, resulting in high levels of amino acids and increased insulin production. Insulin, not testosterone, is the most important ‘muscle building’ hormone of all hormones. As a result, when NO-Shotgun v.3 and NO-SyntheSize v.3 is consumed in conjunction with intense resistance training, athletes are able to endure a more rigorous workout and increase muscle growth during the recovery period.

Developed to be consumed during a workout and also for post workout consumption, NO-Synthesize also contains PeptoPro as well as a variety of other ingredients such as COP , GBB etc. for continued muscle recovery and growth. A similar formulation, minus the energy inducing stimulant, NO-Synthesize uses PeptoPro as an integral catalyst in muscle growth during the recovery period. Also available in a soluble powder format, NO-SyntheSize is simple to use and almost instantly effective.

Jack Owoc, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer of VPX, comments: “VPX has developed many cutting edge supplements that have been consumed by millions of workout enthusiasts. However, we believe we have struck gold with the exclusive Shotgun and Synthesize product formulations. We selected PeptoPro because it is clinically proven to rebuild muscle after exercise. Its insulinotropic effect is indisputable – not only is its efficacy in aiding muscle growth and recovery backed up with extensive scientific evidence, the results are also noticeable. PeptoPro along with other revolutionary ingredients like DiNa Creatine Phosphate Tetrahydrate provides additional functionality that propel NO-Shotgun and NO-SyntheSize light years ahead of other products in this sector.”

PeptoPro is a peptide based on natural milk protein. Due to its unique composition containing small chains of di- and tri-peptides, it can be fully and rapidly absorbed by the body without adversely affecting the digestive system. Its amino acids are therefore made available to the muscles considerably faster than if conventional sources of protein are consumed.

NO-Shotgun and NO-SynthSize are available online at, as well as GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, and Vitamin World stores across the United States.

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