Pharmavite LLC Earns Front End Supplier of the Year Award from Rite Aid

Pharmavite LLC Earns Front End Supplier of the Year Award from Rite Aid

Pharmavite LLC, manufacturer of Nature Made(R) vitamins, minerals, herbs and dietary supplements and SOYJOYTM nutrition bars, was awarded the prestigious 2008 Front End Supplier of the Year Award from Rite Aid for the second time. Pharmavite was one of only five front end manufacturers recognized and is the only company to receive the honor twice. The largest manufacturer of broadline branded supplements also received the award in 2003.

"It is an incredible honor for our team to receive this award from Rite Aid," said Skip Aldridge, executive vice president and chief customer officer, Pharmavite. "Rite Aid has been a true strategic partner for many years and we appreciate our consumer education efforts and commitment to the nutrition category being recognized."

Rite Aid's Mary Sammons, chairman, president and chief executive officer, Rob Easley, chief operating officer and Bryan Shirtliff, senior vice president presented the award to Skip Aldridge, executive vice president & chief customer officer and Gary Mullin, director of sales at the retailer's annual banquet and awards ceremony.

"Pharmavite is one of our most active marketing partners and deserves to be named a Rite Aid Front End Supplier of the Year," said Bryan Shirtliff, senior vice president, Rite Aid. "Pharmavite continues to deliver stellar results, showcase leadership and innovation and fuel growth in a crowded category."

Rite Aid's award criteria evaluated sales, business-building practices and marketing initiatives. Pharmavite's Rite Aid team is led by Gary Mullin, director of national accounts and Kevin Tully, corporate vice president, sales, national accounts. Mark Eidelman and Jerry Dowell, DowellGroup, are also key contributors to the sales team at Rite Aid.

Pharmavite participates in Rite Aid health platforms and is an inaugural partner in the retailer's new caregiver program. The company reaches out to other Rite Aid suppliers to create cross promotions and developed a customized affiliate web site featuring the Nature Made Wellness Advisor. Pharmavite educates consumers through its "Fuel Your Greatness" platform and has created an in-store vitamin signage program to help Rite Aid consumers navigate the category.

About Pharmavite
For more than 35 years, Pharmavite has earned and maintained the trust of pharmacists, consumers, and retailers by manufacturing high-quality vitamins, minerals, herbs and other dietary supplements that are safe, effective and science-based. The dietary supplement industry is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Federal Trade Commission, as well various state and local regulatory agencies. As a leader in the dietary supplement industry, Pharmavite swiftly adopted the FDA-released Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) introduced in June 2007, which sets rigorous manufacturing standards for the supplement industry.

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