Probiotic Delivery Technology Awarded Patent in China

BIO-tract ® technology from Nutraceutix receives fourth international patent. BIO-tract delivers probiotics safely past stomach acid to the intestinal tract.

REDMOND, WA, September 28, 2009 — The Chinese Patent Office has issued Nutraceutix, Inc.
patent No. 02823678.5 for BIO-tract. It is the fourth international patent, from many patents
pending, that the technology has been awarded recently based on BIO-tract's ability to protect
sensitive ingredients such as probiotic organisms from stomach acid on their way to optimal
release sites in the intestinal tract.

Steve Moger, President and CEO of Nutraceutix, comments: “Years ago, we recognized the need
for an effective probiotic and nutraceutical delivery technology -- one that draws upon proven
pharmaceutical principles, yet is economically feasible in the nutritional supplement marketplace.
Our research and development investments in BIO-tract continue to be validated by yet another
key patent.” Randy Schoenfeldt, Senior Vice President for Nutraceutix, adds: “This latest patent
is particularly significant due to the enormous size and potential of the market in China. The
patent further enhances BIO-tract!s global presence as a distinctive hallmark of quality products
that truly deliver on the promise of probiotics.”

BIO-tract products overcome the three major barriers to effective probiotic supplementation:
• Survival of beneficial, but fragile organisms through the manufacturing process
• Survival on the store shelf over extended timeframes, even at room temperature
• Survival past harsh stomach acids that denature unprotected probiotic organisms

How BIO-tract works
Once ingested, BIO-tract tablets quickly form a protective layer, which shields probiotic organisms
from the acidic conditions of the stomach. After passing from the stomach to the intestinal tract,
the tablets release the organisms at optimal rates determined by formulation.

Broad applications for BIO-tract
Application of the BIO-tract delivery system is not limited to probiotics. It has been applied to
many other ingredients that benefit from effective gastric acid protection, buffering, controlled
release and once-daily dosing. For probiotics, this means that different organisms can, by design,
be delivered more optimally to different parts of the digestive tract. For nutraceuticals, BIO-tract
offers modifiable release rates ranging from just a few hours to all day long.

About Nutraceutix
Based in Redmond, Washington, Nutraceutix is celebrating 25 years of manufacturing excellence
as a probiotics and nutritional supplements company. Nutraceutix produces bulk probiotic
powders, and contract manufactures probiotics and nutraceuticals in capsules and advanced
tablets in bulk or finished bottles in its certified GMP contract manufacturing facility.

For more information contact:
Tim Gamble
Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Nutraceutix, Inc

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