Probiotics Targeting Vaginal Health

The Danish based company, Bifodan is launching a new website - - for its EcoVag® probiotic and intimate care solutions addressing vaginal health.

The EcoVag® probiotic solutions are based on next generation technology that utilizes specific and patented probiotic strains naturally occurring in the vaginal flora. These probiotic strains were carefully selected and researched due to the unique characteristics important to positively impact the vaginal flora. Several clinical trials have demonstrated that EcoVag® effectively eliminate vaginal discomfort and prevent recurrent bacterial vaginosis infections.

The EcoVag® product portfolio also comprises intimate care solutions based on the patented combination of specific ingredients with cleansing and moisturizing properties. This includes a wash specifically designed for daily intimate care.

Bifodan invites you to visit their new website to learn more about the EcoVag® product portfolio, the patented technology platform, and information on the important role of probiotic bacteria in preventing vaginal infections.

Company background:
Since 1992, Bifodan has specialized in the development and GMP manufacture of customized and innovative probiotic formulations targeting women’s health and gastrointestinal health.

Through years of dedicated research, Bifodan has created a strong and patent protected technology platform for innovative probiotic solutions addressing vaginal health.

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