Research Suggests CardiaBeat(TM) Improves Vitamin Absorption

Enzymotec announces that recent results, obtained from a McGill University human study, show that CardiaBeat(TM) could increase by 16% the absorption of beta carotene and other fat soluble vitamins as compared to standard sterol-esters, becoming the first phytosterol-based ingredient to ensure optimal absorbance of these important nutrients.

"Sterols and sterol-esters have a soft spot - their capacity to inhibit the absorption of fat soluble vitamins, such as beta-carotene. We are happy to show that CardiaBeat(TM) overcomes this as a result of its unique formulation of powerful ingredients." Says Michal Bravman, Marketing director in Enzymotec.

In recent years, Sterol-esters have proved themselves as very effective for both dietary supplements and functional foods, gaining health claim recognition from various regulatory authorities, including the US and EU. The European functional food market for Plant sterols and sterol-esters is approx. 200 M$ (bulk) and is expected to grow by 10-12% each year.

CardiaBeat(TM) is a conjugated matrix of sterol-omega-3, which exhibits multiple actions for CVD risk reduction in a compact form. Enzymotec plans to continue investing research and marketing resources in its CardiaBeat(TM) ingredient in order to acquire a leading position in this growing market.

CardiaBeat(TM) will be introduced in May 2007 at the VitaFoods Exhibition.

Enzymotec, an Israeli company, is the developer and manufacturer of innovative biofunctional ingredients for dietary supplements, functional foods and infant formula. The company develops and produces novel, lipid based ingredients among which are: CardiaBeat(TM) , SharpPS(TM) and SharpPS(TM) GOLD for improving cognitive performance and InFat(TM) for balanced nutrition for babies and toddlers.

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