Sedona Labs Features New Zealand Colostrum

Sedona Labs, a market leader in probiotic products, announces the introduction of Colostrum Nourish Natural, a 100 percent pure New Zealand colostrum, as part of the extension of its premier nutritional supplements line featuring 10 new products for 2010.

Colostrum contains nutrients and growth factors such as epidermal growth factor, transforming growth factor and IGF-I and II that may help support the health of newborns. It is these same nutrients and growth factors that may help support normal cellular renewal in adults.

Colostrum Nourish Natural

• A rich source of nutrients, antibodies and growth factors
• Free of hormones, antibiotics and steroids
• Gathered within 24 hours after calves’ needs are met
• Low heat processed
• Sourced exclusively from pasture-raised colostrum herds in New Zealand – “one of the greenest places on earth”

Additional information on the Sedona Labs line of nutritional supplements is available at They are available through premium health food stores.

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