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Stock up now: multivitamins

Stock up now: multivitamins

Stock your shelves with these product picks for some of the multivitamins available, including liquids and gummies as well as vitamins formulated especially for different consumers

It used to be that the multivitamin category was pretty simple—large, hard to swallow and formulated in a whopping three varieties: men’s, women’s and children’s. Today, an assortment of delivery systems abound, including liquids and gummies, as well as vitamins formulated especially for different consumers, including pregnant women and teens.  Here’s a roundup of some of the products now available.

Organic Life Natural Vitality Liquid Multi

A liquid multinutrient formulated for bioavailability and easy absorption, this product contains the full range of the U.S. recommended daily allowance for minerals and vitamins, and has some surprises as well: an organic fruit and veggie antioxidant blend, a variety of amino acids, chromium picolinate for metabolic support and MSM to support the connective tissues and respiratory system.

Rainbow Light Active Health Teen Multivitamin

This multivitamin is targeted at teens’ nutritional needs, with higher doses of B vitamins for nervous-system function and energy. Like all Rainbow Light bio-balanced formulas, it includes enzymes and probiotics for enhanced digestion. In addition, this multi contains a DermaComplex herbal blend to nourish teens’ skin.                 

New Chapter Every Woman’s One Daily

This organic whole-food vitamin contains herbs plus vitamins and minerals naturally cultured in fermented soy. In addition to the standard RDA nutrients, all in whole-food form, the product contains a targeted blend of herbs to support women’s health issues, reduce stress, increase energy and boost the immune system.

Now Foods Adam Men’s Multivitamin

In addition to the standard nutrients, this iron-free multi contains a number of ingredients that specifically support men’s health, including antioxidants and carotenoids such as lutein and lycopene, and nettle and saw palmetto for prostate health. The vitamins are formulated as softgels to make them easier to swallow and less harsh on the gastrointestinal tract than tablets. 

Country Life Dolphin Pals Kids Multivitamin

Country Life, a long-time leader in children’s supplements, offers this multivitamin and mineral product in both gummy and liquid forms. Both formulations are iron free for safety. In addition, Country Life has a DHA gummy for kids, which comes in three fruity flavors and provides fish oil–derived omega-3 fatty acids for brain health.

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