Stratum Nutrition, Novus International Enters Into Technology Partnership with ESM Technologies

Stratum Nutrition, a human nutrition division of Novus International, has entered into a "Technology Partnership" with ESM Technologies of Carthage, MO in order to accelerate the global use of ESM's NEM(R) (Natural Eggshell Membrane) ingredient in supplements, functional foods and beverages.

"We chose to partner with ESM Technologies because NEM represents a unique, safe and scientifically substantiated technology that fits a key target health platform for us, joint and bone health," said Jeremy Moore, Director of Marketing for Stratum Nutrition. "We evaluated several other technologies in the joint health category, but chose NEM because we feel it has the best potential to become the next dominant joint health ingredient."

Some of the criteria Moore cited as important factors in choosing to invest in NEM over other joint health ingredients are its small daily dose size (500 mg), a robust yet safe supply chain, and clinically proven results in osteoarthritic patients within 7-10 days. The ingredient also fits well with the sustainability efforts of Novus.

"By utilizing a portion of the egg that has historically been discarded by suppliers of liquid eggs (the shell and membrane), we are reducing the amount of these materials that would normally go to waste and be sent to either a landfill or spread on fields," commented Micah Osborne, President of ESM Technologies.

Through this "Technology Partnership", Novus will infuse sales, marketing and R&D resources to further advance the science behind NEM as well as the global sales and marketing of the product.

"We are very excited about this partnership with Novus and its Stratum Nutrition division," said Osborne. "Novus is an extremely well respected company in animal health and nutrition and has exceptional capabilities in research and development, as well as a strong global infrastructure. We have no doubt that partnering with Novus will rapidly accelerate the success of NEM and our eggshell calcium ingredient, ESC."

At the Novus global headquarters in St. Charles, MO, there are over 50 Masters and Ph.D. level scientists in both biology and chemistry.
These individuals have specialties in fields such as process and applications chemistry, microbiology, cellular and molecular biology,
nutrition and pharmacology. Novus also has offices in more than 20 countries and does business in nearly 100 countries worldwide.

According to the company, all ingredients offered by Stratum Nutrition will share a common R&D philosophy including: unique and/or patented technologies, solid intellectual property portfolio, strong scientific and clinical research base, progressive product applications for franchise human health categories such as immune health, bone and joint health, weight management and healthy aging.

About Stratum Nutrition
Stratum Nutrition, a division of Novus International, focuses on human nutrition through specialty ingredients for manufacturers of foods, beverages and dietary supplements. Stratum leverages the Novus core competencies in nutritional research and innovation, as well as the corporate commitment to protecting the environment by actively monitoring economic, environmental and social factors to ensure that its ingredients offer safe, efficient and sustainable health solutions. With a portfolio of branded, value-added ingredients for human health applications, Stratum selects internally cultivated ingredient systems, as well as technology partnerships to bring progressive, safe and reliable ingredients to the marketplace. All ingredients offered share a common R&D philosophy including: unique and/or patented technologies, solid intellectual properties, strong scientific and clinical research, and progressive product applications for franchise human health categories.

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