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Tea Extract

Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract:
Latin Name:
Plant Part Used:
Extract Solution:
CAS #:

Tea Polyphenols, Catechins , EGCG , Theanine , Theaflavins
Camellia sinensis O. Ktze.
Leaf (Dried , 100% natural)
Water/ Grain Alcohol

EGCG is one of the main components of green tea extract polyphenols with a high aitivity of Anti-oxidation , it performed a high activity of anti-cancer & anti-cardiovascular disease these years .

Other Tea Extract:

Black Tea Extract 30-60% Polyphenols , Theaflavins
Fu Zhuan Brick Tea/ Jasmine Tea /Oolong Tea /Pu Erh Tea Extract 20-60% Polyphenols (Instant Tea)

Tea Extract series Test Method:

We are professional tea extract manufacturer for several years , we have communicated with the Key Lab of Tea Science Dept. of Hunan Agricultural University and Chinese Tea Institute.We choose Iron Tartrate Method via Spectrophotometry to analysis Polyphenol content , and chose HPLC to analysis Catechins , Caffeine, Tea Theanine.

Brief Processing Flow of Tea extract:

  1. Normal Tea Polyphenols(30%-50%) : Pure Water Extraction→Normal Filtration→Concentration→Spray Drying
  2. Instant Tea Polyphenols(30%-50%) : Pure Water Extraction→Membrane Filtration→RO Membrane Concentration→Spray Drying
  3. Normal Tea Catechins(EGCG30%-75%,Caf 0.3%-13%) : Pure Water Extraction→Normal Filtration→Concentration→Solvent extraction→Concentration→Spray Drying
  4. Non-ETAc Catechins (EGCG40%-75%,CAF0.3%-1%)) : Pure Water Extraction→Membrane Filtration→Chromatographic Column→Concentration→Spray Drying
  5. EGCG (70%-90%) : Pure Water Extraction→Membrane Filtration→Chromatographic Column→Concentration→Recrystallization or Solvent Extraction→Drying
  6. Natural Tea Theanine 20% : Pure Water Extraction→Membrane Filtration→Chromatographic Column→Concentration→Drying

Natural Tea Theanine 30% : Pure Water Extraction→Membrane Filtration→Chromatographic Column→Concentration→Decaffeine→Drying
Natural Tea Theanine 40%-60% : Pure Water Extraction→Membrane Filtration→Chromatographic Column→Concentration→Decaffeine→Recrystallization or Solvent Extraction→Drying
Comments: Tea Polyphenols of Black tea, White Tea , Pu Erh Tea,Oolong Tea has similar extraction processing flow .

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