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University Study Finds POMELLA® Pomegranate Extract May Reverse Skin Aging

A new study indicates a pomegranate extract standardized to punicalagins (POMELLA® Extract) may help promote healthy, young-looking skin in several ways.

The study, performed at Texas A&M University and published online in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry on August 22, explored the protective effects of the clinically researched pomegranate extract against ultraviolet rays (UV-A and UV-B) in SKU-1064 human skin fibroblast cells.

In this study, the extract reversed UV-induced up-regulation of collagenases, specifically matrix metalloproteinases MMP1 and MMP13. During the natural course of aging, collagenases break down collagen, the structural fiber in skin which keeps skin looking firm and young.
Also revealed in this study, the pomegranate extract increased UV-inhibited SIRT1 at concentrations of as little as 20ppm. SIRT1 is a major target for longevity research, and its up-regulation is associated with the potential for life extension in in vivo models. The extract also showed positive effects promoting healthy DNA repair, intracellular antioxidant capacity (measured by ORAC), and healthy NF-kB regulation already within the normal range.

“The university-based development of POMELLA® Extract was an exhaustive process to determine the best candidate to provide tangible health benefits,” said Blake Ebersole, Technical Director of Verdure Sciences. “So while some of these findings—such as increased intracellular ORAC—are not completely unanticipated, there are some surprising new findings here. For example, the range of biomarkers affected such as the longevity-associated SIRT1, the relatively low concentrations needed to observe changes in these markers, and that these markers are associated with enhanced health in other areas of the body.

POMELLA® Extract, is a 100% natural, clinically researched pomegranate extract Manufactured under cGMP, ISO-9000:2001, HACCP standards, is Kosher- and Halal- certified and GMO-free, and now available in USDA Certified Organic forms.

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About Verdure Sciences
Verdure Sciences strives to offer the most innovative bionutritionals through the integration of proprietary offerings, expertise and consummate resources.

With the main focus on research and production capabilities, an extensive pipeline of clinically studied products is geared to the needs of general populations and subpopulations with special health concerns.

Blake Ebersole
Technical Director
[email protected].

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