Waypharm USA, LLC Launches Pharmaceutical and Functional Food Company

Waypharm USA, LLC today announced its official launch as a privately owned pharmaceutical and functional food company, entering the $50 billion U.S. nutraceuticals market. By combining natural ingredients with the best scientific approaches, Waypharm USA will soon introduce grab-n-go nutritional beverages for health-conscious individuals, and nourishment products designed specifically to be effective during the treatment of illnesses.

"We are dedicated to helping people maintain the highest level of wellness," said Thilde Peterson, chief operating officer and chief marketing officer of Waypharm USA. "Waypharm USA will offer exceptional options for balanced nutrition and improved health."

Motivated by its mission to deliver innovative solutions for improved health, nutrition and quality of life, Waypharm USA plans to launch a wide range of consumer products. In fall 2009, the company will introduce a nutritious, delicious, health and wellness beverage. Waypharm USA will provide this wholesome, ready-to-drink consumer product as a convenient way for health-conscious consumers to stay vital and nourished in their daily lives.

In early 2010, Waypharm USA is scheduled to unveil a line of nutraceutical products, to serve those suffering from various illnesses. Addressing the specific needs and challenges often faced by patients, the company is in the process of developing a formulation that supplies the essential nutrients and vitamins required to maximize the treatment efficacy and minimize potentially devastating nutrition-related side effects of compromised eating habits.

Waypharm USA recently marked the launch of the company with a grand opening event at its new headquarters located in Laguna Beach, Calif. The company's consumer products will soon be available through grocery stores, drug stores and other retailers across the nation.

About Waypharm USA, LLC

Waypharm USA, LLC, headquartered in Laguna Beach, Calif., is a privately owned pharmaceutical and functional food company committed to creating the highest level of wellness products for consumers. The company offers solutions for balanced nutrition and overall well-being through the introduction of convenient health beverages for active people, and nourishment products designed to be effective during the treatment of illnesses. Waypharm USA's products will soon be available at grocery stores, drug stores and other retailers. For more information, visit www.waypharm.com.

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