Webinar: Discovering the other gut-healthy ingredients

Webinar: Discovering the other gut-healthy ingredients

With gastrointestinal outpatient clinical visits topping more than 20 million in the US, and the incidence of digestive ailments growing in other parts of the world, products targeting gut health are gaining an ever-increasing market presence. Probiotics is by far the main driver of product development in this area. However, there are significant opportunities for manufacturers to participate in the growing market by using other ingredients, including prebiotics, which do not share the same vulnerability to heat and environmental conditions as probiotics. This webinar takes an in-depth look at individual prebiotic nutrients and specific nutrient blends, including fiber, vitamins and herbs that can bring gut health benefits to a wider range of product applications while complementing the benefits of probiotic products.

PRESENTED BY: Dr Ram Chaudhari, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer, Fortitech, Inc.

SPONSORED BY: Fortitech, Inc.

Schenectady NY

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