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Women's Probiotic Product Awarded in Poland

For the second year in a row, the Polish dietary supplement “LaciBios® femina” with Chr. Hansen's probiotic strains has been awarded for excellent product quality.

LaciBios® femina, a Polish dietary supplement restoring the natural balance of the female vagina, has been awarded for excellent quality for the second consecutive year. The product manufactured with Chr. Hansen ingredients has won The Quality of the Year 2008 Award, which is issued by the Polish Center for Testing and Certification and the Editors of the Business Report in the Gazeta Prawna [Law Daily]. The dietary supplement is awarded in both the Product and Innovation categories.

Maintains a good balance
LaciBios® femina, to be taken orally, contains two carefully selected strains of lactic acid bacteria GR-1® and RC-14® which help restore and maintain a healthy vaginal flora. Chr. Hansen just acquired the full commercial rights to these strains following its acquisition of Urex Biotech Inc. on December 31, 2008.

Awareness and leads
The awarded product is marketed by ASA ltd., a leader on the Polish market specializing in the production of dietary supplements and medical cosmetics (cosmeceuticals).

“I am very pleased to see that Lacibios® has won another quality prize. The product has created a lot of positive awareness in the Polish market and also initiated many new requests from potential customers.” says Christian Due Jensen, Regional Sales Manager, Health & Nutrition Division, Chr. Hansen.

"The probiotic capsule that serves as the basis for the Lacibios® product is a good example of the advantage of having a conceptual product package offering our customers a full collection of product and properties, Intellectual Property Rights, clinical documentation and marketing back-up all in one," he concludes.

Probiotics in strong growth
Chr. Hansen's Health & Nutrition Division experienced more than 20% organic growth in 2007/08 and has positive prospects for the future too. The focus is on developing new products for the dietary supplement industry and the pharmaceutical industry, first and foremost with focus on probiotics.

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