Z Trim Natural Fat Replacement Named 'Most Innovative Food Ingredient 2006'

MUNDELEIN, Ill., September 21, 2006 /PRNewswire/ -- Z Trim Holdings, Inc.
(Amex: ZTM), was notified recently by organizers of the Food Ingredients
South America's (FISA) International Exhibition for Solution and Technology
for the Food Industry, that their natural fat replacement ingredient, Z
Trim, was selected by a judging panel of industry and technical experts as
"the most innovative ingredient, 2006," beating out four other finalists
for the honor.

The announcement was made during the trade show event September 12 at the
Transamérica Expo Center in São Paolo, Brazil following formal
presentations before a panel of technical experts that ultimately selected
the winner.

The other finalists competing against Z Trim included Danisco's Hexose
Oxidase enzyme product, DSM's Lafti Probiotics, Sensient Technologies'
Appeal RM - 023B, and Gelita's Instant Gel Schko. Judging criteria included
innovations and technical originality, benefits for the industry process,
manufacturer's technology, benefits for the consumer, and economic

Z Trim was submitted for nomination by Z Trim's international marketing
partner, Diethelm, Keller, Siber & Hegner's (DKSH Market Intelligence) out
of their South American office, located in Santiago, Chile. DKSH has been
instrumental in presenting Z Trim for use by major bakery and meat
production firms in South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

"Our clients are experiencing great successes replacing fat with Z Trim in
meats such as sausages and ham, in cream cheese, and in baked items such as
cookies, ice cream, and bread," said Alejandro Espinola, business manager
for DKSH in South America. "The FISA judges cited Z Trim's versatility
among its many advantages."

Vogler Ingredients, a Brazilian ingredients and food formulation company,
created ice creams, yogurts and cream cheeses containing Z Trim for
sampling at their booth. Kraki, a large meat production firm in South
America, distributed samples of various processed meats and lunch meats at
their booth, including mortadella and other bolognas, olive loaf, sausage,
and hot dogs. Both companies passed out samples of Z Trim, along with the
foods made with Z Trim.

News of the award attracted strong interest from formulators within the
food industry. "Shortly after the announcement that Z Trim had won, we
received requests for meetings with several more large and small
international food companies," Espinola said.

"We're honored to be selected as the winner," said Rick Harris,
Vice-President of Sales for Z Trim Holdings. "Having been recognized
alongside industry leaders such as Danisco, DSM, Sensient and Gelita as a
finalist for such a prestigious award was a matter of great pride for us,"
he said. "To be selected as the winner is exhilarating."

Previous winners in the category include Mane's Flavor Beads Mane in 2005
and Danisco's Grindamyl PowerBake 7000 enzyme in 2004.

FISA is organized by VNU, a world-leading market research company, and is
the leading Latin American trade fair for new trends, solutions and
technology for the food industry. It is the world's fourth largest food
ingredients show. In 2006, more than 230 companies from 30 countries from
six of the seven continents displayed their products to purchase, R&D,
processing and marketing professionals from the food and beverage industry.


Phil Versten, VP, Communications
Email: [email protected]

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