Dr. Oz recommends red palm oil

Dr. Oz recommends red palm oil

Celebrity doc explains on his TV show why he thinks red palm oil with tocotrienols and mixed carotene tops other oils for nutritional and unique health benefits.

Touted as the “super vitamin E”, tocotrienols from palm fruit oil with unique health benefits, has led the famed TV personality Dr. Oz to call red palm oil as his most miraculous find for 2013 to address the aging process

In his recent television show, Dr. Oz, together with alternative health expert Bryce Wylde, explained why they think red palm oil with tocotrienols and mixed carotene is on top of the other oils in terms of nutritional and unique health benefits.

The health benefits of red palm oil were attributed to two very powerful phytonutrients—carotenes and tocotrienols. They went on to explain how the tocotrienols provide protection for brain and heart health, arterial function and normal level of LDL-cholesterol. Furthermore, study shows that women who consumed red palm oil enriched with tocotrienols resulted in the loss of belly fat as red palm oil is metabolized immediately and not stored in the abdomen.

Tocotrienols are the primary form of vitamin E in the mesocarp (flesh) of the palm fruits (Elaeis guineensis). In fact, crude palm oil contains the highest amount of tocotrienols in nature, mainly consisting of gamma-tocotrienol and alpha-tocotrienol - tocotrienols that research has shown possess powerful neuroprotective and antioxidant properties.

“Carotech extracts both the carotenoids and tocotrienols from red palm oil and delivers them in concentrated forms to dietary supplement companies. As mentioned in Dr Oz’s show, these phytonutrients, especially the full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex, are proven to promote heart, liver and skin health,” says Mr. WH Leong, vice president of Carotech Inc.

“Recent published studies using Tocomin SupraBio®, the patented and bioenhanced natural full spectrum palm tocotrienol complex support these unique health benefits. We are excited that Dr Oz embraces this super vitamin E with unique health benefits, not shown by the regular tocopherol vitamin E. And we expect more new clinical trial results to be published soon which will further strengthen tocotrienol’s position as the super vitamin E,” added Mr. Leong.


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