Probiotic coffee for office dwellers

Probiotic coffee for office dwellers

Probiotic-packed K-cups hit the market.

Not only will the office java help keep their eyes peeled, but now, office workers can enjoy all the benefits of probiotics with their cup of joe. 

Copper Moon Coffee, who roasts and packages branded and private label specialty coffees distributed to offices, retailers, hotels and foodservice companies across the U.S., just announced the first Keurig-compatible probiotic coffee cup, reports Their partnership with Ganeden Biotech will bring caffeine plus colonies of probiotics to conference rooms throughout the nation with their Vanilla Cappuccino product.

The new buggy flavor joins more than 200 flavors of K-cups, which range from the Keurig Cinnabon Classic Cinnamon Roll Coffee and Wolfgang Puck's Breakfast in Bed to Celestial Sasonings Antioxidant Max Green Tea and Green Mountain Coffee's Focus Blend which packs 50mg of L-Theanine in every tiny plastic cup.

Last year, Daflorn LLC, launched Café Viva Probiotic Coffee. That product does not come in K-cups, though it does come with 4 billion colony forming units of eight strains of four clinically tested probiotics.

Peppermint probiotic macchiato anyone?

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