Vitamin K Cups?

An Australian company launches K-cups of supps.

Will pods revolutionize the way we buy and sell supplements? The people at Next Cartel Beverages believe so. They’ve created Podlife, a line of cups, similar to Nespresso Pods and K-Cups, packed with a range of vitamins, supps and sports nutrition formulas that can be loaded into their patented Shaker for super fresh consumption.
This seems to be the logical progression, after Nuzee Inc. launched Coffee Blenders, a family of K-Cup compatible functional coffees loaded with supplements last spring.
Next Cartel (which does not appear to have any ties to a Mexican cartel, though their products could also be delivered in pods), is pre-selling products on Indiegogo and is poised to open its first round of capital funding, according to They're focusing on North America.
They explain why the world needs pods on their Indiegogo page: “Nutritional content of most vitamins and supplements deteriorate the second they are mixed with liquid which renders most Ready To Drink functional beverages inferior. With almost every protein beverage on the market being flash heated using Ultra High Temperature (UHT) techniques to increase shelf life they are also loaded with sugar and nasty preservatives. We knew there was a better way to deliver a convenient single serve product that is perfectly dosed and absolute freshness each time.”
The pod varieties available for presale include PodPre: PreWorkout Tropical Pine, SmartPod: Nootropics, Podlife: Whey Protein in Chocolate and Vanilla and SuperGreens: 100 percent Vegan Superfood. They also sell PodSlim: Thermogenic Fat Burning Whey Protein which, if you’re really into pods, could be used in conjunction with a Bod Pod at the gym, a person-sized-pod that measures body fat.

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