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Naturals Consumers Hip to Chinese Medicine
More than half of natural products consumers use traditional Chinese medicine, according to a recent survey conducted by Mambo Sprouts Marketing of Haddonfield, N.J. Fifty-four percent of respondents use at least one of the Chinese herbs listed in the survey. The survey also found that these consumers engage in a wide variety of complementary health practices, with 87 percent of the 5,000 respondents taking herbal supplements. The consumers indicated that they were concerned about health issues including sleep, memory, heart health, stress, longevity and age. A whopping 97 percent were worried about the effects of air quality and pollution on their health.

AER Recommendations
The Life Sciences Research Office has published a document with suggestions for reporting adverse events associated with dietary supplements. Currently, the U.S. government has no policies or programs in place dealing with consumer complaints concerning supplements. Metabolife International Inc. sponsored LSRO, a nonprofit scientific research organization, to develop an adverse-events program designed specifically for the natural products industry. In its report, ?Recommendations for Adverse Event Monitoring Programs for Dietary Supplements,? LSRO based its recommendations on 500 documents including journal articles and books. For a copy of the report, call 301.634.7030 or visit

CRN Updates Book
Retailers can now get their hands on the updated 2nd edition of Vitamin and Mineral Safety, compiled by the Council for Responsible Nutrition. The publication includes a safety review for 28 vitamins and minerals as well as a side-by-side comparison of international policies and the CRN?s own recommendations. The 2nd edition includes information based on science that was not available when the book was first published in 1997. The book focuses on safe values for individual supplements instead of total intake from all sources. For more information about ordering the 169-page book, visit or call 202.776.7936.

Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXV/number 10/p. 92

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