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Good PR, bad PR for flaxseed oil
Here?s the good news: Hilary Swank credits daily flaxseed oil supplementation for the lean, mean look that helped her win a best actress Oscar award. Swank says she put on 19 pounds of muscle while training for her role as a boxer in ?Million Dollar Baby.?

Now the bad news: on an appearance on NBC?s ?Tonight Show,? Swank dared host Jay Leno to try the product. He took a big swig of flax oil straight from the bottle, gagged and spat it out.

Oil expert Udo Erasmus of Flora Inc. was amused anyway. ?Flax oil?s health benefits are so enormous that I?m just thankful it was mentioned on national television—even though Leno called it a couple names our marketing people probably never thought of,? Erasmus said.

Next time she?s doing product demos, Swank should dress a salad with flaxseed oil instead, he advised.

Beige beginner food begets bland babies
Babies raised on beige food, such as cereal and zwieback, are more likely to prefer beige food like chips and French fries later on.

A new study from the University of Birmingham, England, suggests that all kinds of sensory cues—not just flavor—shape children?s food preferences from an early age. Babies exposed to a range of foods before age 1 were more likely to eat a balanced diet later, because their ?visual prototype? of what?s good is imprinted early on.

According to the BBC, ?Children?s vision of the kind of food they liked to eat would lead them to reject foods that do not fit into this category without even tasting them ? researchers believe this could explain why so many children initially reject green foods like vegetables.?

Psychologist Gillian Harris advised parents to feed their children whole food, including fruits and vegetables, to get them used to various colors, textures and shapes. ?There is so much parental anxiety these days that parents don?t feel that they can give their children broccoli, for example, and feel that food out of a jar or packet is a safer option for their child.?

Natural Foods Merchandiser volume XXVI/number 5/p. 20

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