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ChromaDex to supply NIAGEN to Dutch university

ChromaDex to supply NIAGEN to Dutch university
Company will provide Wageningen University with quantities of its proprietary NIAGEN nicotinamide riboside ingredient for research use.

ChromaDex Corp.  (OTCQB: CDXC), an innovative natural products company that provides proprietary ingredients and science-based solutions to the dietary supplement, food and beverage, animal health, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries, announced it has entered into a material transfer agreement (MTA) with the Wageningen University in the Netherlands. ChromaDex will provide Wageningen University with quantities of its proprietary NIAGEN™ nicotinamide riboside (NR) ingredient for research use.

ChromaDex's NIAGEN is the first and only commercially available form of NR, a naturally occurring vitamin B3 derivative found in milk. Published research has shown that NR is perhaps the most effective precursor to boost the coenzyme NAD+ in the cell. NAD+ is arguably the most important cellular cofactor for improvement of mitochondrial performance and energy. In recent years, NAD+ has also been recognized as an extracellular signaling molecule involved in cell-to-cell communication. NAD+ is essential in supporting healthy cellular metabolism including the efficient conversion of blood glucose into energy. 

Prof. Jaap Keijer, chair holder of the Human and Animal Physiology Group of Wageningen University, will investigate the health benefits of NR in an experimental model of metabolic disease. Together with Dr. Maria Hegeman and Dr. Dorien van Dartel, he aims to obtain detailed insight in the processes affected by NR which will help to establish optimal dietary NR concentrations to maintain or even improve metabolic health.

Prof. Keijer commented, "It is highly relevant for implementation towards health protection to precisely understand how NR directs tissue NAD metabolism."

"We are glad to add Wageningen University to our list of prestigious partners advancing the understanding of how NR supports human health," said Frank Jaksch, Jr., founder and CEO of ChromaDex. "NIAGEN has earned interest from our growing list of commercial partners and the coming wave of academic research will help to solidify the science of NR." 

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