Consumers Learn About Tonalin® CLA’s Fat-Reducing Health Benefits

Feb. 21, 2007, La Grange, IL – If there were an Oscar for “leading role” in a supplement category, it would go to Tonalin® CLA based on recent media coverage and accolades from nutrition experts in a newly released book.

In her syndicated USA Weekend column, Jean Carper recently named Tonalin® CLA one of “5 fat fighters that really work.” This article appeared in newspapers nationwide following widespread media coverage resulting from a study published online in the prestigious International Journal of Obesity1. In the study, researchers found that Tonalin® CLA could have long-term health benefits by preventing weight and fat gain commonly experienced by adults during the November-December holiday season, and in the normal aging process.

Print, online and broadcast media throughout the United States and Canada reported on how this natural supplement could help prevent “weight-creep” during the holidays and keep it off. Articles reaching more than 80 million consumers in top publications including Prevention magazine, The Washington Post and Los Angeles Times, explained how CLA reduces fat and maintains muscle mass. A special new Prevention report features CLA as one of three “Better than Medicine” supplements. Products containing Tonalin® CLA are recommended since this brand is “produced according to stringent standards…”

Echoing the key messages in these articles are the authors of a just-released book, “The Natural Fat-Loss Pharmacy,” published by a division of Random House. They devote several chapters with quotes from highly regarded physicians who recommend CLA. The authors list 34 product brands that contain Tonalin® CLA, the only CLA brand they refer to by name.

The authors, Harry Preuss, MD, a doctor and Georgetown University researcher, and Bill Gottlieb, former editor of Rodale Books, both experts in nutrition, explain how CLA can safely and effectively help reduce fat and keep it off. They also quote Nicholas Perricone, MD, best-selling author of popular health books and adjunct professor of medicine at Michigan State University School of Medicine, “What could be more exciting or encouraging than a supplement that shrinks body fat while increasing and preserving lean muscle mass?” He recommends 1,000 to 4,000 milligrams of CLA a day, in one or two doses, taken with meals.

Cognis is encouraging consumers to read the book through promotions in its ads and on This book which retails for $14 is only $8 with a Tonalin® CLA purchase.

Christine Peggau, Senior Marketing Manager, Cognis Nutrition & Health, pointed out that increased consumer awareness resulting from media exposure and other educational programs is having a direct impact on sales. “New SPINS data show that Tonalin® CLA's dollar market share grew 10 percentage points to 65 percent in the combined food, drug, mass channel (excluding Walmart) and natural supermarket channel.” In comparison, combined sales of non-Tonalin®-branded CLA products are experiencing double-digit declines.

“This is a powerful reminder that consumers are loyal to brands they trust,” Ms. Peggau said. “They demand products that produce results, are backed by science, and are safe. That in short is the Tonalin® story. It’s great to have the popular press as well as the new book by well-known nutrition experts help communicate this important message.”

Cognis continues to build consumer awareness with the launch of its “Fat-Free” themed Tonalin® CLA ad campaign appearing in publications targeted at fitness enthusiasts.

For more information about Tonalin® CLA or to place an order, visit, call 800.673.3702, e-mail [email protected], or fax 513.482.3576.

About Tonalin® CLA:

Tonalin® CLA is the original brand of CLA and is an exclusively licensed product of the Cognis Group. CLA is a polyunsaturated, conjugated fatty acid that is a natural part of the human diet, found primarily in meat and dairy products. Cognis produces Tonalin® CLA through a proprietary process that converts linoleic acid from safflowers into CLA, providing the highest quality of CLA available. Tonalin® CLA contains the lowest amount of non-naturally occurring isomers, a patent-protected attribute that provides food and dietary supplement manufacturers with the highest levels of ingredients known to be beneficial. Tonalin® CLA is available in several product forms—such as oil and water-dispersible powder—offering manufacturers a broad range of options for their products.

1 Watras AC, et al. Int. J. Obes. advance online publication, August 22, 2006 (doi:10.1038/sj.ijo.0803437) (print version slated for Spring 2007)


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