elevATP sparks ATP production

elevATP sparks ATP production

Second study on FutureCeuticals' proprietary blend of plant-derived trace minerals with a polyphenol-rich apple extract confirms efficacy.

FutureCeuticals announced the publication of a second study indicating that its exclusive elevATP™ ingredient stimulates endogenous production of ATP in humans.

elevATP is a proprietary blend of plant-derived trace minerals with a polyphenol-rich apple extract available exclusively from FutureCeuticals Inc. In an earlier double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot human clinical study, ingestion of 150 mg of elevATP resulted in increased blood levels of ATP without significant increases in levels of reactive oxygen species or lactic acid.

In this second study—a double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover design with 20 healthy subjects—elevATP was again administered in a single, 150 mg serving to resting subjects who had fasted overnight (12 to 16 hours). The results again showed an increase in blood levels of ATP, with average levels measuring 40 percent over baseline levels at 60 minutes and 28 percent over baseline levels at 120 minutes. ATP levels in cell-free plasma and lactate levels remained unchanged. These results indicate that elevATP supplementation may increase intracellular levels of ATP. It is likely that these observed increases are independent of glycolysis due to the fact that blood levels of lactate remained unchanged.

As part of the second study, a muscle biopsy was performed on one of the study subjects before, and 60 and 120 minutes after, ingestion of elevATP. The results showed that the intramuscular ATP levels increased significantly, with reported levels substantially higher than even the increases of ATP measured in whole blood.

John Hunter, executive vice president of FutureCeuticals, stated, "This study takes our years of exciting discovery and clinical work on elevATP to a new level. Healthy mitochondrial function and the body's ability to produce endogenous ATP are vital for healthy aging and optimal performance. The combined gold-standard clinical results from two peer-reviewed published studies are exciting developments for product formulators working in the categories of healthy aging and sports performance. Regarding the latter, considering the recent substantial scrutiny on the usual ingredients in energy drinks, elevATP represents a new opportunity to build a platform on a safe ingredient backed by clinical science."

The study was published in The Journal of Aging Research & Clinical Practice.

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