Equacia™: The Natural, Efficient Fat Replacer in Ice Cream

After extensive research work, CNI, the world leader in Acacia gum, has developed Equacia™: an innovative nutritional texturizer and efficient fat replacer. Equacia™ is a unique combination of acacia gum soluble fiber and gluten-free insoluble wheat fiber, manufactured through a proprietary process. Equacia™ is an all-natural ingredient that provides exceptional functional and nutritional benefits to the finished products, thanks to the synergy between its two different types of fibers.

In addition to high fiber content (90% minimum), Equacia™, acts as a fat replacer, which makes it the first choice ingredient for "reduced-fat" ice cream.

The formulations developed with Equacia™ enabled a reduction of fat content, while preserving the creaminess and decreasing the melting point. Equacia™ was also shown to enhance aroma perception in the reduced-fat ice cream.

The plant origin of Equacia™ enables the development of vegan ice cream formulations, with no egg and with only vegetable fat.

Equacia™ is the perfect answer to the growing demand of the food industry and consumers for healthy high quality products.

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