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How Wellmune really works

How Wellmune really works
Research sheds new light into how Biothera's beta-glucan ingredient boosts immunity. 

Wellmune WPG®, the immune health ingredient for foods, beverages and supplements from Biothera, utilizes distinct receptors and signaling pathways in certain white blood cells to induce cytotoxic function. The research was published in the latest issue of the peer-reviewed journal Glycobiology.

This new research describes how structurally different forms of yeast beta glucans utilize different receptors and associated signaling pathways to activate innate immune functions. Wellmune WGP is yeast-derived beta glucan that boosts innate immune cells that help keep the body healthy.

“This research further elucidates the mechanisms through which Wellmune WGP primes immune responses in key immune cells to enhances the body’s defenses,” said Don Cox, Ph.D., senior vice president of Biothera’s Healthcare Group’s R&D. “It also demonstrates that beta-glucan structure is a critical attribute in eliciting biological effects.”

In the study, different forms of Biothera beta glucan were used to activate human peripheral blood mononuclear cells and oxidative burst, one of the cytotoxic mechanisms used by innate immune cells. Both particulate and soluble forms of Biothera beta glucans  bound to either complement receptor 3 (CR-3) or receptor Dectin-1 to initiate an immune response. These physically different forms of beta glucan induced this functional response through both overlapping and distinct signaling pathways.

The paper is entitled, “Differential regulation of oxidative burst by distinct beta-glucan-binding receptors and signaling pathways in human peripheral blood mononuclear cells.” 


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