Indena’s Enovita supports healthy BP

Long-term efficacy study in 119 healthy subjects shows that grape seed procyanidins have beneficial cardiovascular effects.

In a new fourth-month, controlled registry study from Italian researchers, Indena’s Enovita®, a proprietary standardized grape seed extract rich in proanthocyanidins, has shown efficacy in maintaining healthy blood pressure when associated to nondrug intervention (diet and lifestyle modification).

The study involved 119 otherwise healthy pre- and mildly hypertensive subjects, and lasted four months. Inclusion criteria were a general good health and borderline hypertension, defined as pre-hypertension (120-139 mm Hg / 80-89 mm Hg) and stage 1 hypertension (140-159 mm Hg / 90-99 mm Hg). The nondrug intervention included diet (reduction in salt, alcohol and caffeinated drinks) and lifestyle (regular exercise, improvement of sleep time, relaxation and reduction of smoke). No other nutritional elements, vitamins or drugs were used in the observation period. No side effects were reported during the execution of the study, and formulation tolerability was very good.

The subjects were sorted out in three groups, similar in terms of age and all the objective parameters evaluated, namely systolic and diastolic blood pressure, microcirculatory status (LDF), heart rate and plasma oxidative status. Group 1 (37 subjects) and Group 2 (35 subjects) complemented the management plan with Enovita at two different daily dosages (300 mg/day for Group 1 and 150 mg/day for Group 2), while in subjects from Group 3 (47 subjects) only the management plan was implemented, serving as the control. The endpoints of the study were evaluated monthly, in order to assess the kinetic of development of any beneficial effect. The blood pressure normalization was significantly higher in the Enovita supplementation groups starting from the fourth week of supplementation.

Asked to comment on the results, Dr. Gianni Belcaro, of the Department of Biomedical Science, Gabriele D’Annunzio University Chieti-Pescara, head of the study, said: “Taken together, our data suggest that GSPs, at least in the profile associated to Indena’s Enovita, are worth considering to complement dietary and lifestyle changes associated to the maintenance of a healthy blood pressure status, with beneficial cardiovascular effect.”


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