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InterHealth joint ingredient found effective

InterHealth joint ingredient found effective
Scientific research results in open global expansion of the UC-II joint health brand.

Healthy subject research conducted on InterHealth Nutraceutical’s leading joint-health branded ingredient, UC-II®, was published online by the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. This new research found that 40 mg of UC-II taken once a day was effective in increasing the joint comfort of healthy individuals who only experience joint discomfort with exercise.  

“This healthy-subject study, which excluded individuals with arthritic disease, could be the basis for future research in the joint-health category. With this publication, we hope to pave the way for future research that promotes not only InterHealth’s ingredients, but the industry’s growth as well,” stated InterHealth’s Vice President of Business Development and Research James Lugo, PhD, lead author of the published study.

The study’s principal investigator, Jay Udani, MD, CEO of Medicus Research in Agoura Hills, Calif., believes the key to the success of this research in the dietary supplement industry is the population group used in the study.

 “Using healthy subjects who may be at risk for future joint issues, but who do not present with diagnosable disease, not only helps substantiate dietary supplement structure/function claims, but is in alignment with FDA and FTC enforcement of DSHEA,” explained Dr. Udani, who is also the medical director of the Northridge Hospital Intergrative Medicine Program.

Nick Shamie, MD, another coauthor on the UC-II research and an orthopedic surgeon at the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, stated that “The research corroborates previous clinical research showing the benefits of UC-II on subjects with osteoarthritis.”

Results from this randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study showed that 40 mg of UC-II once-a-day was significantly more effective at improving knee extension than placebo. Subjects who were given UC-II throughout the course of the study experienced less joint discomfort caused by strenuous exercise when compared to baseline. Twenty-one percent of subjects taking UC-II and only five percent of subjects taking the placebo experienced no pain after 10 minutes of exercise at study conclusion.

An abstract summarizing these research results won first place at the 10th Annual Natural Supplements Research Competition in San Diego earlier this year. The UC-II clinical research was independently conducted by Medicus Research, which represents many companies and institutions pioneering some of the most exciting research being conducted in the nutraceuticals industry.

“Studying active, healthy individuals expands the joint health market to include younger people who are living a healthy and active lifestyle,” said InterHealth CEO, Paul Dijkstra. “The healthy subject research demonstrates InterHealth’s commitment to the scientific development and global expansion of UC-II. Top-class research is an invaluable resource supporting the growth of new and existing UC-II business in the United States and worldwide.”

UC-II is already a non-novel food in the EU, which means it can be included in food supplements.

Fundamental changes in attitudes involving personal health continue to drive the industry. People with active lifestyles and those who take supplements consistently are looking for products that will keep them healthy. Joint supplements that include UC-II have the potential to help alleviate joint pain due to strenuous exercise.

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