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70% of Americans say they are at least moderately concerned about health risks from the use of chemical pesticides, hormones and antibiotics in food production.

Women are more likely than men to say that these chemicals pose a moderate or high risk to human health.

Women are also more likely to say they would pay more for foods produced without chemicals.

Source: Food and Farming 2004 by Roper Public Affairs for Organic Valley Family of Farms

59.8% of consumers in a California survey said they do not know enough about how their food is grown, processed, transported and sold.

59% said it is difficult to find out information about how their food is grown, processed, transported and sold.

What do consumers want to see on their food labels? The top three concerns were that products are humane, locally grown and produced by workers paid a living wage.

Source: The Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems, Winter 2005

The organics segment of the natural/organic foods and beverages market has been growing at more than four times the rate of the natural segment since 2003, which in turn has been outperforming the growth rate of the food and beverage market overall.

Source: Organic Trade Association 2006 Manufacturer Survey conducted by Nutrition Business Journal

Farmers and ranchers raised more than 72,200 certified organic cows, pigs and sheep in 2001, 28% more than the year before.

Source: USDA Economic Research Service

Organic Food Forecasted Average
Annual Sales Dollar Growth, 2007 ? 2010

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