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Life Extension partners with Resveratrol2014

Life Extension partners with Resveratrol2014
Third international scientific conference of resveratrol and health, to be held in Hawaii, is the main gathering of the year for the global resveratrol community.

Life Extension has agreed to be the Co-Marketing Partner for Resveratrol2014 Conference taking place in Hawaii from Nov. 30 to Dec. 3, 2014. As the co-marketing partner, Life Extension will promote the conference to its database of nearly 300,000 contacts.

The third international conference of resveratrol and health, Resveratrol2014, is hosted by the University of Hilo, Hawaii. This is a scientific conference and the main gathering of the year for the global resveratrol community. The interest for the substance resveratrol has been growing steadily in the past years and now the focus is also expanding to the resveratrol derivatives. The number of human trials with resveratrol has also been is increasing during the past years.

According to Rey Searles, vice president of marketing at life Extension, “Consumer awareness and knowledge of the variety of health benefits of resveratrol is the basis for the future success of marketing resveratrol products. That’s why Life Extension is participating in the scientific conference Resveratrol 2014. With almost half of the participants of Resveratrol 2014 coming from the supplement industry, we want to ensure we have solid and science-based communications to our customers on the benefits of resveratrol and its derivatives. Working together with Resveratrol 2014 helps us achieve that.”

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