Lutein for Every Age hits Vitafoods

Lutein for Every Age hits Vitafoods

Renowned eye health expert James M. Stringham, Ph.D., will present an education session on lutein and zeaxanthin isomers and their role in health.

Renowned eye health expert and researcher James M. Stringham, Ph.D., will present an education session on “Lutein For Every Age” at the Vitafoods Europe 2014 Conference and Expo in Geneva, Switzerland on Wednesday, May 7, from 10:50 to 11:15. Presented as part of the OmniActive Insights program, the session will be focused on nutrition, with emphasis on the phytonutrients lutein and zeaxanthin isomers and their role in health. 

As part of the conference’s two-day educational program, Dr. Stringham’s presentation aims to build on the successful international launch of OmniActive Health Technologies’ award-winning Lutein For Every Age™ campaign at Vitafoods 2013. The campaign, which recently kicked off its sophomore year, raises awareness surrounding the importance of early and consistent lutein supplementation for maintaining proper health over a lifetime. The “Lutein For Every Age” Vitafoods session aims to bring this message to a broader, international audience and educate attendees interested in the latest science, technology and market opportunities in the eye health sector, with an emphasis on research behind the topic. 

“Lutein appears to play a significant, positive role throughout the lifespan,” said Dr. Stringham. “A common assumption is that lutein is only important for infants and seniors, but the research shows that from its involvement in protecting developing neural tissues, to reducing risk of age-related eye disease, lutein has positive benefits in every stage of life.” 

This topic is at the forefront of an expanding age demographic, which has the potential of opening up vast formulation opportunities in the European eye health market. The compelling science within this presentation will give deep insight into the importance of lutein intake throughout one’s lifetime whether from diet or supplementation.

Dr. Stringham will be discussing the latest science surrounding nutrition and eye health throughout the Vitafoods Europe Conference Sessions under the OmniActive Insights education program. OmniActive Insights will open on May 6, at 16:20 with “See What’s Missing: Promoting Eye & Brain Health" and continue on May 7 with “Lutein For Every Age”. This presentation will be followed by “Eye Health: Discussion and Q&A” at 12:05 where Dr. Stringham along with other experts including Stuart Richer, Ph.D. and Jaume Borras, MD, MBA will openly discuss the latest scientific developments in eye health. 

For more information on OmniActive, Lutein for Every Age™ or the company’s award-winning ingredients and technologies, visit or contact [email protected] to arrange for an appointment with OmniActive representatives at Vitafoods Booth #23060.


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