Market-Wise Nutrition Launches CardioHealth

Science-proven combination awarded coveted NPN from Health Canada; 3 claims allowed for product, giving retailers and their consumers full confidence

GEORGETOWN, ONTARIO, CANADA – The fight against heart disease just became more victorious with the launch of CardioHealth, developed by biotechnology company Sunvim Biosciences, Inc. of Mississauga, Ontario and distributed in North America exclusively by Market-Wise Nutrition.

CardioHealth is a dietary supplement featuring two of the most researched natural ingredients – Coenzyme Q10 and EPA & DHA (omega 3 EFAs) from fish oils shown to be effective for cardiovascular function and nourishment. And it is the ONLY such combination formula with Health Canada’s Natural Health Product Number (NPN), with its function claims approved by the agency.

CardioHealth features CoQ10 and Omega-3 fish oils to support the function of the heart and vascular system. It provides cardiovascular-centric antioxidant protection and facilitates cellular energy production. Approved claims for CardioHealth are:

►“Supports the function of the heart and nourishes the vascular system.”
►“Promotes antioxidant effect, especially on the immune system and the neural system.”
►”Facilitates energy production at the cellular level.”

“CardioHealth is the result of intensive research on our part,” says Daniel Zeng of Sunvim Biosciences, who co-developed the product with his research team. “We took great care to ensure that no harmful solvents were used in the CoQ10 extraction process. In addition, CardioHealth features plant-derived CoQ10 from Japan, which is highly bioavailable, in a balanced formula with concentrated omega-3 oils plus fat-soluble vitamin E in softgel capsules.”

Zeng adds that the fish oil acts as the perfect diluent (the substance that acts as a carrier) for CoQ10 in CardioHealth. “This is an important point,” he emphasises, “as CoQ10 is fat-soluble, which means that it requires fat to be absorbed by the digestive tract. Dr. Karl Folkers, the medical research pioneer responsible for much of the research on CoQ10, has recommended that CoQ10 be dissolved in oil. One study showed that an oil-diluent softgel formulation resulted in a CoQ10 blood level of 265 percent over the base level, while a dry capsule form of CoQ10 resulted in a blood level of 180 percent over the base level.

Another benefit of this formula is that for many people, it can promote a more vibrant energy during the day, incurred from the high bioavailability. In one comparison study, the dry capsule CoQ10 was absorbed at 3.4 micrograms per minute, while the oil-diluent softgel CoQ10 was absorbed at 9.3 micrograms per minute -- a 273 percent difference. This greater bioavailability appears to affect energy. Results show that 83 percent of those who used the oil-diluent softgel form experienced more energy, compared to 30 percent of those who used the dry, capsule form.

Recommended dosage of CardioHealth is between two and four softgels once or twice per day with meals; consumers may take the product for as long as they desire for continuous cardiovascular support.

“This combination product is one I can personally stand behind as it is supported fully by superior quality science, manufacturing standards, and the NPN accorded by Health Canada,” says Lukawski. Market-Wise anticipates tremendous consumer response to this product.”

Retailers can order the products from Market-Wise by logging onto

About Sunvim Biosciences
Sunvim is a research and development lifescience-biotechnology company with three specific areas of focus: natural health products, biotechnology projects and medical and laboratory instruments. Sunvim has three products with NPN product licensing from Health Canada. Sunvim Bioscience uses innovative technology and significant investments in research and development to discover and focus on cutting-edge new products and to establish brand image and brand equity through marketing.

About Market-Wise Nutrition
Founded by Stephen Lukawski in 2000, Market-Wise Nutrition establishes alliances with ingredient producers to sell, market and distribute science-based and innovative natural ingredients for dietary supplements, food, beverages and cosmeceuticals that promote a healthy and natural lifestyle. Market-Wise Nutrition has established itself as a reputable supplier of science-based raw materials with a principal focus on consumer safety, environmental sustainability, and product efficacy. Market-Wise has successfully demonstrated its abilities in strategic planning, product development, research and marketing, resulting in an ongoing annual growth rate that keeps pace with the industry. Log onto

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